Ghosts of Puerto Rico Part 1

Puerto Rico is known as a destination that provides sun and fun for vacationers, and the last thing on your mind when you’re working on a tan is where you may come across haunted locations, demented ghosts, and other examples of island paranormal sights. Well, P.R. is not free from its fair share of legends, tales, and ghost stories. If you have time and are situated in the right place, you might want to take a glance at the following haunted sights throughout this exciting city.


When visiting Aguas, there is a site that has a sad tale attached to it. During the mid-1970s, a group of small children were enjoying a nice field trip. Unfortunately, the school bus that they were riding in was involved in a crash. There were no survivors. Many believe that the spirits of the children killed in the accident still roam about the grounds. Witnesses claim to have heard the spirits playing about the bushes and trees, as well as have felt the presence of entities that are running about the area.


In Cabo Rojo, there is a site called La Llorona’s Swing, which becomes an interesting location when visiting after the clock strikes after midnight. It is said that this is when the ghostly image of a young girl, who has a rather intimidating pet as her companion. A puppy has been seen with the ghost, which is believed to possess eyes that have been described as “fire-red.” As legend has it, many believe that if you stare into the eyes of the young canine, then you will be visited by La Llorona, who will in turn take your life.

As you visit Hatillo, you will also encounter the city of Arecibo, which serves as home to the Plaza Del Norte Shopping Center. It is here, at this popular Puerto Rican shopping mall, that another ghost tale unravels. This particular shopping arena is considered quite a large sight to see. It is so big, that the patch of land that it sits upon is located within the jurisdiction of two cities (Hatillo and Arecibo).


The ghost story regarding this mall involves the tale of a woman who was killed before the mall was even erected. After her murder, her body was dumped on the same site as the future mall. After construction resumed, witnesses began to report strange happenings. Reports have been documented regarding the sight of a ghost that has been seen floating about the parking lot (most specifically above the parking lot lights). She is known to appear at night and has even made a guest appearance in one of the kitchens located at one of the restaurants in the mall.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of “Ghosts of Puerto Rico” to learn about the scary tales associated with the cities of San German and the capital of the Puerto Rico, which is San Juan.