Ghosts of Puerto Rico Part 2

When touring Puerto Rico, you may have the chance to stop by San German or have the luxury of dipping your toes into the sands of San Juan beaches. These two stops on the road to discovering the country also provide a look into some of the paranormal and ghostly features of this entertaining destination. In this article, you will encounter a place known to inhabitants as granting easy access to the Devil himself. There is also a beach hotel and casino with some pretty interesting stories to tell.


First, we will travel to San German, where two notable paranormal sights are located. The first is called Bulldog Cove and presents a legend regarding dogs once again. Local residents will tell the tale of a place in the area that contains three aggressively evil bulldogs, which are said to have blood coming out of their eyes. Some claim that these dogs will follow an unsuspecting person and if they catch them, then there is “hell” to pay. If you are not lucky to lose these demonic canines, then you risk the unfortunate end of burning alive if you should look into their eyes.


San German is also the home to the Gates of Hell, which can be found at the meeting point of street B and C of what is referred to as Sabana Eneas. It is said that if you place your face to the exact middle point of the street, and say a prayer to the Devil, which includes saying his name 13 times, then you might be able to hear what the sounds of hell are like. Who would want to do that? Not to mention how dangerous this act seems, what will passersby think?


Moving onto the lovely scenery, refreshing waters, and beautiful smiling faces of Puerto Rico, San Juan is home to the Old Condado Beach Hotel and Casino. With a lot of history connected to this attraction, the old building was a creation of the Vanderbilts, which was constructed at the turn of the century. Today, the site is closed, but ghost stories still linger. For instance, when employees roamed about the grounds, especially the night crew, they were always gripped with the fear of something unknown hanging around the service elevator located on the sixth floor.


The sixth floor was also known to carry a strong feeling of desperation, sadness, and evil. Employees constantly complained of feeling strange when they entered this level of the hotel. It is also said that the presence of the Lady in White was also cause for concern. A while back, a fire broke out at the Dupont Plaza in which one of her relatives died.


It is believed the Lady in White haunted the premises in the memory of her family because she was so overcome with grief that she threw herself down the elevator shaft of the hotel that dealt with service tasks. Since then, employees have seen her ghost in various rooms, as well as walking down the hallway. Some believe that even when she cannot be seen, she is around. The scent of her perfume is a dead giveaway.

Additional haunted locations in San Juan includes the old fort called El Morro, which highlights the presence of yellow orbs and the ghosts of old soldiers. The Tapia Theatre, which dates back to the mid-nineteenth century is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. A variety of apparitions have been known to frequent the premises.