Ghosts Reportedly Have Connection to Environment

Ghosts, wherever they are rumored to exist, often seem to manifest in areas that are very specifically theirs.  In this way, it appears these entities act almost like living creatures do in a territorial way when something unusual happens in their space.  But why are ghosts connected to their environment if they themselves lack a corporeal form?  And why do changes in this environment seem to cause changes in their behavior?

It’s nothing new according to paranormal experts.  If you live in a haunted house, you should be aware of what changes you make to your environment.  Residents of haunted houses will often report seeing strange shapes and apparitions after they begin a new project or decide to break down an old wall to install a new one or expand a room.  But why is this?  Would ghosts find themselves less or more comfortable with an environment that no longer reminds them of their old house?  Or would they instead be angered and troubled by its destruction?  And the phenomenon is not simply related to home maintenance and remodeling.  Some ghosts apparently even make a scene if they are caught in the midst of a natural disaster (or suspect one is about to occur.)

It seems strange that ghosts -in all their paranormal manifestations- are rarely credited with the wholesale destruction of a house.  Although there have been numerous cases of the entities causing small fires, large fires that cause the partial or wholesale destruction of a home is almost never reported.  Is it possible that these entities realize, even if they do feel the need to manifest, that the location they haunt is something they should not change?  And if so, why?

Of course this article is dealing with the matter in a way that assumes ghosts are a purely or partially external phenomenon, but it seems even during Earthquakes they appear distressed by the changes that take place to structures.  On September 4th, a Canterbury Earthquake caused paranormal entities all over the region affected to increase the number of times they made appearances in the coming days and weeks.  And if not full bodied apparitions, then most definitely mysterious sounds and feelings according to one article from oddstuff covering the events.  And if the ghosts were not to blame, then what would be?

Some have come forward suggesting that an event that superficially compromises some areas of a household could manifest after an Earthquake with sounds of “settling” or ill repaired air conditioners.  Additionally, the sudden burst of geomagnetic energy has been attributed occasionally to the phantom sounds people hear.  But what of the full bodied apparitions?  And even if the sighting of one single entity were explained, why would different witnesses report seeing the same thing if they had never seen the entity before?

If ghosts are affected by their environments, it might be worthwhile to add the study of architecture to the list of criteria paranormal investigators look into.  And if environment is such an important factor to these entities, this environment may itself be manifesting paranormal phenomena of its own.