Ghosts Walks and Tours: Bath, Derbyshire & Hertfordshire

When visiting some of the locations on a European tour, you might want to stray from the museums, theatres, main attractions, and landmarks to check out some of the haunted sights scattered about the city. Some of the locations explored in this article include Derbyshire, Bath, and Hertfordshire.


In Bath, Somerset, the Ghost Walks of Bath come highly recommended, which offers visit to many of the well-known establishments and locations about the city that have a variety of odd events connected to them. Participants will encounter an assortment of ancient and historic pertaining to the city of Bath. More information can be found when calling 01225-463618.


In Derbyshire, ghost tours of the area have earned quite a reputation for being quite entertaining. In Burton on Trent, the area is known for their beer, but also for the ghost walks they offer those with enough nerve to enjoy them. Commencing at the market place in Burton, these walks last for about 1 ½ hours and touch upon some of the regional ghosts, such as the last Christian martyr in England that was burned alive.


You will also learn how this unfortunate soul is connected to the United States. Additional locations that the walk visits include the infamous haunted estate in Europe. For the price of £5 for adults and £2.50 for the little ones, tickets can be booked at the Burton tourist information. You may also call the tour company at 01283-508111.


In Derby, the Heritage Centre also offers ghost walks that start at 7pm and include a tasty meal afterwards. For the price of £12 per person, one may choose between one of two routes. The first takes participants through the center of the city. Friargate is also the other route offered from this tour company. Guests will also have the chance to investigate the tunnels located under the Guildhall, the Cathedral, as well as the Police Museum, which is filled with many interesting facts and artifacts.


When visiting St. Albans in Hertfordshire, there are many different avenues to explore when you wish to get to the bottom of the legends associated with the area. The city is filled with numerous tales that deal with unexplainable noises, shadows that appear then disappear, as well as creepy tales. Some of the ghosts said to haunt the area have been around since Roman times and still going strong to this day. The walk is quite popular as it leads you to some of the best sites for chance to come face-to-face with paranormal activity. On the last Wednesday of each month, the ghost walk is offered with a departure time of 8pm. Of course, the walk is also held on Halloween. Be prepared to spend 1 to 1½ hours with the walks and the best thing about them (besides the ghosts and haunted stories) ”“ there is no charge to enjoy this event.


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