Google Street View Apparition Photographed

When Google Maps and Street View first came about, it seemed the perfect opportunity for ghost hunters to take their ghost hunts on the road without leaving the comfort of their own homes.  Unfortunately, the street view images rarely showed anything truly remarkable aside from the occasional person doing unexplainably embarrassing things on the side of the road.  But a newly uncovered image seems to depict a mysterious and massive apparition on the horizon.

The apparition was labeled God by some and incredible by others.  Still no one seems to know what exactly could have caused the strange image to appear.  As Googlers invest their intellects into the possibilities, several have come out saying it is quite simply a mystery.  The image itself was taken by crews working at Google Street View and picked up by the blog site ‘Gawker’ before being widely circulated.  The strange apparition is by no means solid proof of anything, but it is certainly creating quite a buzz.  Google declined to comment on the image.

But this isn’t the first time a strange image has come from Google’s street view.  In 2006 a massive Earwig was uncovered as it rampaged through the streets of Germany walking across fields.  Of course the Earwig in this case was more likely something to have crawled across a hard copy of the maps in a Google office rather than a massive unknown science fiction monster.  But the stories continue, and the anomalies are getting even stranger.  Several blogs pointed to mysterious hovering vehicles spotted in 2006 soaring several feet off the ground with its shadow visible below.  Some suggest the image was of a floating balloon made to look like a car.

So is this another example of something mundane in Google images appearing to be something more?  Or did the camera snap something more?  It seems fairly likely the camera would have picked up on more than one image if the object had actually been in the picture.  But this is so commonly the case with ghost photography, that many suggest the image is actually burned on the film itself rather than a physical object hovering in front of the camera.

But there is no shortage of other explanations as well.  Some suggest it could be a simple insect flying in front of the camera, but it doesn’t share any characteristics with an insect.  Instead, the object appears to be two figures with one standing while the other kneels nearby.  Could this have been a piece of debris flying near the camera?  Or is it possible some anomaly within the digital image file generated such a mysterious simulacra?

While we aren’t sure what the images are, there has been a serious response from some individuals who are.  And as these pictures continue to raise questions google street viewers continue to scan for new and unexplainable anomalies.