Green Orbs Terrorize Couple in Car

Traditionally when we think of the term UFO we think of flying discs or cigar shapes, but the phenomenon that two witnesses from Nevada reported is difficult to categorized.  The objects described were unidentified and flying, but actually entered the car and almost seemed to have a ghostly quality about them.

The witnesses were on their way to Las Vegas driving through Henderson Nevada when suddenly an unidentified orb of green light entered the car and started flitting about, floating and dancing throughout the vehicle as though it were scanning or dancing around everything in the vehicle.  The witness making the report to the Mutual UFO Network described the object as he looked to his right at the passenger seat as floating around and then moving to the back seat where it danced filling the car with an unidentified color of light.  Though the object itself was green, the light was a different color the witness was unable to describe.  After flitting through the back seat it was followed by one other and then several more the witness was unable to count.  The encounter lasted only a few seconds before the objects vanished and left the vehicle, but the witnesses were unable to see the objects make their getaway outside.  

After the brief encounter the witness driving slammed the brakes on his car and skidded to a halt turning to his girlfriend as they tried to figure out what had just happened.  Neither of them knew what it could have been.  After a few seconds, the witness submitting the report turned around and looked behind him as though he could get a glimpse of the objects that had just invaded their vehicle, but he could not see anything.  Whatever it was that had visited them was now gone.  The other witness, not driving, asked if they could leave quickly.  They both had a very strong uneasy feeling about them as though something extremely strange and unnerving had just transpired.  They made it to their destination without further incident, but were troubled by it throughout the course of the rest of the night.

It’s difficult to categorize this case as it bears similarities to both ghostly phenomena and UFO related encounters.  The unusual circumstances made the witness think perhaps the phenomenon had been somehow alien in nature as they submitted it to the Mutual UFO Network.  But could it have been a ghost haunting Lake Meade Drive?  Motorists have for years attached paranormal phenomena to haunted road ways, but Lake Meade Drive is not particularly known for any high profile paranormal phenomena in the past.  Still, is there any precedent for encounters such as these?  Green orbs have been reportedly related to the paranormal for years, thought to be the manifestation of ghostly spirits that can invade homes as ghosts make their appearances known.  But this encounter involved several green orbs at apparently an otherwise nondescript stretch of road.

Saint Elmo’s Fire is a phenomenon by which mysterious orbs will suddenly appear on the wings of planes or on masts during specific weather conditions such as electrical storms or highly charged atmospheric phenomenon.  But even this doesn’t explain how the orb would have gotten into the car, nor why it would have floated about in the way it did.