Halloween Haunted Houses and Events , California

Forget about the fun and sun of California dreamin or the allure of flashy Hollywood. When Halloween comes a calling for the month of October, there’s no telling what local haunts have planned for the locals and visitors who come to town for a good scare. To get an idea of where to go for this occasion, consider some of the haunted houses and events being offered in the near future:

Callson Manor Haunted House , Roseville, CA

Head for the Placer County Fairgrounds to enjoy the haunted attraction of the year, where you’ll encounter authentic caskets and embalming equipment, which adds to the fascination of this holiday event. But, that’s not all , there are lockers full of bodies, crematoriums, scary tombs, and gravesites to make you quiver. Throughout your time at the Callson Manor Haunted House, prepare to encounter your fair share of ghosts, apparitions, spirits, zombies and ghoulish demons.

Starting October 3rd, you will have the chance to experience all of this and much more. From 7:30pm to 10pm, the haunted house is ready to help you celebrate the Halloween season on Oct 3-5, 9-12, 16-19, and the 23rd of October until November 1st. The price of admission is $18.

Annual Tustin Haunt , Tustin, CA

When you’re looking for a free event to enjoy on Halloween, consider the Annual Tustin Haunt (13151 Brittany Woods), which has been scaring the pants off of visitors since 1995. With flashy technology behind a collection of fascinating special effects, you can’t beat this exciting haunted attraction for free. Providing a safe and fun environment for the entire family, the haunt has become a fixture in the Southern California region. The event has even gained recognition from the likes of AOL, and the OC Register! Don’t miss a moment of free fun , check out the following dates and times: Saturday Oct 25 (7pm-10pm); Sunday Oct 26 (6pm-9pm kids night); Friday Oct 31 (7pm-10pm), and Saturday Nov 1 (7pm-10pm).

Bayou Of Blood , San Bernardino, CA

The Bayou Of Blood supplies what is known as an ‘old-fashioned’ haunt that takes place right in a backyard that is also free of charge. With intricate staged sets and special effects, most age groups will find this event quite appropriate. Keep in mind that this haunted Halloween opportunity takes place from sunset to 9pm at 2734 Annapolis Circle on Friday (24th), Saturday (25th), and Friday (31st). For the Bayou of Blood, prepare for a 5-minute walk that brings you to an interior and exterior collection of screams that take advantage of a wide-range of special effects. This event is often known for their surprises.

When looking for more haunted houses and events for Halloween to tempt your courage, consider the following possibilities for 2008:

Molar Manor ,  19415 Soledad Canyon Road; Santa Clarita
Dates: October 11th , November 4th
Ticket Prices: Adults ($13); Children ($8)

13th Annual Haunted Maze , 5925 Los Nietos; Buena Park
Dates: October 27th, 28th, 29th and 31st
Ticket Prices: Free Admission