Halloween Hunt for Haunted Hotels in US 2

While Halloween is the perfect time to explore known haunted sites in the United States, you may want to double your pleasure by checking into a hotel possessing a reputation for ghosts and/or strange occurrences. In this article, you will learn of a couple hotels that may provide a hauntingly fun experience this Halloween or any other time of the year.

Le Pavillon Hotel , Louisiana

In New Orleans, a stay at Le Pavillon Hotel places you at the same location as a former theater that burned down under mysterious circumstances in 1889. Constructed in 1907, the hotel has a history of harboring ghosts. Not to fear, the ghosts are known to have a mischievous nature and are said nothing to be scared of. Throughout the years, it is the restaurant that delivers the most sightings of apparitions. Other places in the hotel where ghosts seem to wander include Suite 930 and the third floor. One of the ghosts is said to walk through the halls and play pranks on the cleaning crew.

Omni Parker House Hotel , Massachusetts

In Boston, Massachusetts, you will find the Boston Omni Parker House Hotel, a historic hotel situated along Boston’s Freedom Trail that dates back to 1855. If you’re looking for paranormal intrigue, book a room on the third floor, where two deaths may have contributed to the resident ghosts of the property. The first was the death of a 19th century stage actress, while the other was a businessman , both of which lost their lives in their rooms. Reports have also surfaced that claim that the ghost of the founder of the hotel, Harvey Parker, has a habit of entering the rooms of guests and asking about their stay.

Queen Mary Hotel , California

Check into the Queen Mary Hotel located in Long Beach, California, and you may encounter the restless souls of former crew and passengers that may have lost their lives while sailing aboard the Queen Mary ,the historic ocean liner of 1936. Every day, the halls are suspected of accommodating the ghosts of people who have died within the more than 70-year history of the ship. About 50 deaths have been reported in connection to the ship with a multitude of unreported incidents said to take place during World War II when the ship served as transport for prisoners of war.

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa , Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was completed in 1886 and over the years, the property has served as a college, hospital, and place for travelers to lay their head. People who have visited the site have reported unexplainable visions of students, patients, and nurses. In the guest rooms, strange noises and odd happenings have been said to take place. Guests and employees swear that the lobby and the dining room are haunted. The room to seek out is 218, which has a reputation for producing a thrill for paranormal enthusiasts. One time, a ghost-hunting television show chose to investigate the room and walked away with thermal video footage of a male figure.