Haunted Alabama Spots

Throughout the state of Alabama, there are various spots that are considered to be inhabited by ghosts and are the site for an array of strange happenings. For example, in Anniston, there is a mansion called “The Victoria,” which now serves as a restaurant and hotel. At this location, the ghost of a woman can be seen upstairs, as well as a variety of interesting occurrences, such as the sounds of footsteps belonging to the unknown and the sound of mysterious piano playing.

Anniston is also the location where Parker Memorial can be found. There are tales involving the haunting of a nun who is said to have killed herself. The nun chose to hang herself within the main hallway where sounds of a chair kicking out from under someone that is accompanied by choking noises, can be heard. Some who have entered the church have spotted what is considered to be the rope she hung herself with on many different occasions. Patients at the Stringfellow Memorial Hospital in Anniston have claimed to see the body of a headless man roaming about a bloodstain on a wall. The ghost is said to belong to a man who committed suicide with a shot to the head with a gun.

Athens State College in Athens, is the location where a mysterious woman can be seen looking out of a window where she watched the Confederate soldiers bomb an idea, during the Civil War. Frightened, the woman jumped out of her window, which was located on the highest floor. When she fell, her body smashed into an open window, where her blood splattered down the side of the wall, which is now a part of the college. It is said that on Monday morning, at around 9am, a ghostly transparent view of her death can be witnessed.

The Bass Cemetery in Birmingham is more than 200 years old and holds the graves of many soldiers from the Civil War era, as well as odd screams can be heard. The Parkwood Apartment found on 4th Ave South in Birmingham is said to be haunted by an apparition who is believed to have committed a murder at this location.

Other haunted locations include the University Chapel in Auburn, which is said to be haunted by a Confederate soldier. During full moons and stormy weather, it is said that the Lawrence & Winston CO. in Bankhead Forrest possesses an eerie vibe, where odd happenings are said to occur. At the Athens State College, McCandles Hall is said to be haunted by a female in a white dress who passed away at the hall. A weird feeling is felt upon entering the Old Public Library in Bay Minette, which was the site of an old morgue during the early 1900s. It is said that faces can be sighted through the windows and that books have been seen moving on their own.