Haunted Areas in India

Traveling throughout the country of India, you will encounter several areas that are filled with spirits, odd occurrences and scary tales that you may want to investigate. For example, if you visit Bombay, you may catch sight of an intriguing, well-known ghost, whereas in West Bengal, you will encounter a location that is cursed by the numerous murders that have taken place in the area.


Within India, Bangalore has been known to offer a variety of spirits and ghosts that present an array of paranormal activity. In Delhi, some have claimed to see a woman in a white dress, who asks those who pass by for a ride in your car. Eventually, it is revealed that she is a ghost with subhuman qualities, including the ability to run as fast as the cars about her.


In Dumas, which can be located in Gujarat, the ocean at nighttime is eerie and produces odd occurrences in the area. When walking towards the ocean, people claimed to have heard weird noises that insist that you should return home and not to continue walking toward the ocean or else something bad will happen to you. Dogs in the area have chased some, but it is said it is because they too are frightened when encountering the area. The reason why the ocean is said to be filled with ghosts is because the Hindus burn the bodies of their dead and the spirits of their loved ones is trapped in the air.

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad can be compared to the Universal Studios in North America. When you reach the hotels at this location, the area is said to be haunted. The reason? The studios have been built on top of war grounds of the Nizam sultans. Some of the odd things that occur throughout the studios include lights that fall from the top of the studios, where workers who have sat by the lights, have been pushed from their post by an unknown force, obtaining injuries. When food has been left in the rooms, it has been later discovered to be displaced about the area. Some have witnessed odd marks on the mirrors, including Urdu, which is associated with the language of the sultans. Females have reported the most disturbing encounters with the ghosts here; their clothes have been ripped from their bodies, as well as endure disturbing knocks on their locked bathroom doors.

If you are interested in a haunted hotel, you may want to seek out the Raj Kiran Hotel in Maharashtra, Lonawala. Bed sheets have been known to be removed from the beds of guests that stay on the ground level, as well as during their sleep. In Thane, there is a Vrindavan Society where in their #66B building, a man who committed suicide is the source of numerous oddities. A security guard who was in charge of the area has reported many strange things. Physical encounters have occurred where an unknown force slapped one guard so hard that he blamed someone who was near him that did not commit the act.


Other haunted locations in India include Mumbai, where a woman died from falling into a well, who now haunts the area. The Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune holds the haunted cries of an assassinated heir to a western province kingdom. The Bhangarh Ruins is the site of haunted temples and shrines by the mountains. On Dow Hill in West Bengal, the numerous murders that occurred in the area leaves the forests cold, dreary and dark. A small, headless child can be seen wandering about the road close to the woods.