Haunted British Columbia 1

Throughout British Columbia, there are plenty of haunted locations that can be found. In Burnaby alone, there is a haunted art gallery, park and theater. Additional eerie tales and legends come from areas, such as Abbotsford, Erickson, Cumberland, as well as Fort St. James.


The House Museum in Abbotsford has a history that can be traced back to the early 1900s. The museum was once presented as a house, which was once occupied by one of the founding families (the Tretheways) throughout the area. Locals believe that there are four resident ghosts that haunt this location. Another family house that has been turned into something else and harbors its own share of ghosts is the Ceperley House in Burnaby. The house was once home to a family of the same name, which was established in 1910. Today, the house serves as an art gallery and is thought to be haunted. Paintings have been known to move from the walls without notice and the faces of children have been spotted peering from some of the windows in the upper area. Banging noises have been known to overcome the premises, as well as cold spots. Some believe that the spirit of a family member, who died in 1927, is known to wander about the premises.


Burnaby also offers the haunted Central Park, which is believed to be inhabited by ghosts who wander close to the lake, forest and stadium area. Some claim to have captured the image of a ghost on camera, as it walked through the forest during the night. Others believe that the ghost of a small boy can be spotted as he plays close to the lake during nightfall. He will disappear when he feels he has been detected. The ghost of a woman that cannot be understood has been sighted by the stadium. Legend has it that she lost her children and that is why she haunts the area, searching for them.


The James Cowan Theater is also located in Burnaby, where the ghost of a former actress is said to haunt the premises. She drowned in Deer Lake, which can be found close to the center. She has been seen in the back room area of the theater and has been known to cause little mishaps, such as the moving of objects form one place to another. Doors have also been known to open and close without any known source. 

At the Pioneer Museum, located in Cumberland, witnesses have sighted the ghosts of young children in the schoolroom area. There is also a piano that will turn on without reason, as if it is possessed. In Erickson, if you visit the Rolling River Reserve, you may encounter the dark figure of a man, who will follow you about during the evening or nighttime. Some believe he is harmless, sometimes watching over you if you are alone. 

Another haunted location that can be found in British Columbia area is the Chinlac Massacre site, which is located at Fort St. James. During the 1780s, there were a group of Native Americans, who set up camp by the Stuart and Nechako rivers. As the men traveled down the river to hunt, the women and children watched over the camp and picked berries. A war party of Chilcotins came up the river and massacred all of the women and children. When the men returned to the camp, they found all of their family dead. Today, the site is quite cold and eerie. Odd things have been known to happen in the area and to this day, where the massacre occurred, no vegetation has been able to grow.