Haunted British Columbia 2

When visiting British Columbia, you may encounter a variety of areas that offer a good legend or tale. Throughout this destination, the haunted Hatte Creeke Ranch can be found in Kamloops, as well as the disturbing rumors in East Kelowna. Other locations, such as Surrey, Mackenzie and Qualicum Beach are discussed.


In Kamloops, British Columbia, you will encounter the Hatte Creeke Ranch, which also serves as a museum area filled with history. There have been many tales surrounding this location, including the movement of curtains in the old roadhouse when no one is around. The sounds of scratching and banging have often been heard coming from these walls. Witnesses have also reported the sighting of a glowing orb, as well as a transparent figure. The sound of horses in the area can be detected when no evidence of such can be found. The Mc Queen Lake can also be located in Kamloops, which is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a cook, who was brutally murdered on the premises.

Legend has it that there is an orchard that can be found in East Kelowna, where the voice of murdered children can be heard. It is said that a mother stabbed her five young offspring with a knife, and then took her own life. Upon entering the orchard at night, it is believed that you can hear the children’s voices.  In Mackenzie, the ghost of a young girl who drowned in Morfee Lake has been spotted during the night. It is said that you can still her screams when visiting the area. A white shadow has also been reported to wander about the area.


The Buffalo Brewing Company in Prince George gives you the creeps as soon as you walk through the door, especially when you reach the basement area. Many have claimed to feel a pair of eyes following their every move. This site used to be a church, where a priest took his own life when he hung himself from the rafters. Many feel that it is this priest that keeps his eye on everyone.

In Mission, Heritage Park can be found, which is said to be terrorized by an angry spirit, who can be spotted roaming the park. Chills will run up and down your back when visiting this area. To top it off, animal sacrifices and cult rituals have been known to be held at the park and nearby graveyard.


The Fleetwood Elementary in Surrey is filled with cold spots at this location. Some have reported to be touched by something unknown. Doors have been known to open and close on their own. In the shower room, which can be found in the basement area, orbs have been spotted. In the boiler room, a janitor claimed to have seen ghosts. Some feel that the ghost of a teacher who was killed after leaving the school haunts the school as well. In Surrey, you may also encounter the ghost of a young boy, who appears in white. He can be seen during the night, jumping from the side of Grosvenor Road. Some suspect that the boy was killed during a fire that broke out throughout a local grocery store.


Another haunted location in the area can be found at Qualicum Beach, where the haunted Qualicum College Inn harbors the ghost of a young boy, who appears in a school uniform, especially in Room 453.