Haunted Canada: Calgary

In 1988, Calgary became the first city in Canada to host the Winter Olympics, but what else is this destination known for? In this article, you will read of lesser known public legends and tales, such as the 22X highway and the ghost at Bow River.


When traveling the 22X highway, you should know that there is no speed limit; therefore numerous car accidents have been known to occur at this location. These accidents usually end up in death so it is no wonder that many ghosts have been spotted in the area. While driving, witnesses claim to encounter ghosts that appear out of nowhere, causing a stir for the individual behind the wheel.


At the Bow River, there have been numerous reports regarding the ghost of what appears to be a middle-aged woman, who is thought to have lost her life by drowning in the rive during the early 1900s. She has been described as quite a peaceful encounter, often walking in the shallow area of the water. Those who venture onto the bike path have often spotted her in the water.


There is an abandoned schoolhouse that can be located when traveling off of 52nd Street from International Avenue. When you take a left at the first set of lights that you encounter after the 68th Street intersection, you will come upon a road that will take you to the site. Here, you will find it on the left hand side of the road, about halfway down the way. The schoolhouse has a history of its own, including a nasty fire that claimed three lives. The lives that were lost were those of children, who are now thought to haunt the premises. Individuals, who have ventured to this site, claim to have heard the unexplainable sound of children laughing and playing. City workers tried several times in vain to tear down the building, but it still stands due to mysteriously malfunctioning equipment and sick crewmembers. 

There is a residence called the Deane House, which holds a history filled with suicide and murder. Guests, who have stayed at the house, report to have seen a Native American man, who appeared during a murder mystery party. It is believed to be the ghost of Chief Deerfoot, who came to visitors in the basement area. Various ghosts have also been known to haunt this site, including a woman, who wanders about the bedroom in the upstairs area.


On the third floor of Heritage Park, the ghost of a striking, young woman has been seen. She used to appear with a baby in her hands and she is always smiling. Although, the place has been shut down and the electricity doesn’t run through the site any longer, a bright glow has been reported to emit from the third floor. The ghost still appears to people in the area.

A tornado whipped through the Lac La Biche settlement and took the life of a priest, who is believed to haunt the premises. He can be spotted walking to and fro from the church. The ghost remains nameless, but he is said to mean no harm to anyone.  Additional haunted locations throughout Calgary include: the apparitions at Mount Royal; the haunted St. Mary’s College, as well as George the ghost, who haunts Zellers Forest Lawn.