Haunted Canada: Manitoba & More

Throughout Canada, you will find a variety of haunted locations offering a wide-range of ghosts and eerie tales, including a murdered girl in Holland Landing and a man with a hunchback hailing from Selkirk. Other areas you will encounter, include Portage la Prairie and Whitby.


In Holland Landing, you will find Anchor Park, which is the site where a disturbing murder of a young girl took place. The body of the girl was found hanging across a swing on the swing set of the park. Witnesses claim to have experienced odd happenings when it is dark in the park. For instance, some say that the center of the swing chains will move back and forth, as if someone is swinging on the swing.


The Nurses Residence at the Old Manitoba School, which can be found in Portage la Prairie is believed to be haunted by a ghost who enjoys roaming the upper halls of the building. The ghost has been described as an attractive female with blonde hair with a haircut that is reminiscent of the old English days. She can be seen wearing a baggy, white sweater. She tends to be discovered in the sunroom, which can be found in the northern section of the building, as well as in some of the rooms in the upper floors.


In Selkirk, there are two sites that spark interest among paranormal hunters. A church can be located in the area, which is called St. Andrew’s on the Red. A graveyard can be found in the back of the church. When night falls, there are many eerie sights and ghosts that are said to occur and haunt the area. A man in black and a woman in white have been known to make appearances. A ghost car has been spotted in the graveyard. Two small eyes have been encountered following various individuals who have entered the area. They are red in color and send chills up and down your spine. Those who have experienced the sightings of these ghosts are said to suffer horrible nightmares and dreams involving the rattling of the church gates.

Also in Selkirk, in the basement of 222 Manitoba Avenue, the Young Minds Program is held. Some of those who have entered the men�s bathroom claim to have sighted an old man with a hunchback, who appears to be hanging from the ceiling. If he catches sight of your eyes, he will stare into them, whispering, �get out,� as well as �leave now.� Some say that the ghost is of a homeless man, who once called the abandoned basement his home. He was forced to leave the premises because of scheduled construction, but hung himself before the repairs were made.

In Whitby, there is an old psychiatric ward that is believed to be haunted by patients that were once treated on the premises. Dangerous patients were often kept in the basement area. It is said that when entering the basement area, you may hear the screams of former patients coming from the cell area.

Disclaimer: Holland Landing was previously cited as being located in Manitoba, when in fact it is located in Ontario. Sorry for the confusion. The information was gathered from a database of haunted locations in Canada.