Haunted Canada: New Westminster

In British Columbia, you will find the small city of New Westminster, which offers an array of legends and haunted areas to explore. Some of the locations that you will encounter during a stay at this destination, includes the Irving House, the Keg Steakhouse, as well as Queens Park.


On 12 Street, which is situated in the western part of the city, there is a legend that dates back to the early part of the decade. A 13-year-old girl took her own life one night on this same street and her ghost has been spotted walking towards Burnaby, which can be found in the northern section of New Westminster. On 12th Street, there is also a ghost that is said to haunt a recording studio in the vicinity. The sound of screams has been heard coming from this site.


Dating back to the early 1860s, you will find the house built by a Captain Irving. The man passed away in his own bed on the premises and is thought to be the culprit of the various noises that plague the house. Some claim to have heard an unknown voice call out “say my name.” This is experienced when no one is in the room with you and no televisions or radios are turned on. Today, the house serves as a museum, where tourists can participate in a tour of the home. Some have sworn to see the turning of animal heads that are on display throughout the house. Several visitors believe they have seen an indentation left behind by the ghost of the Captain, which can be seen in the bed where he died. 

At Glenbrook Ravine Park, a ghost has been seen on numerous occasions to walk across the hill. The figure appears to be glowing and is thought to be the spirit of a man who was shot in the park during the late part of the 80s. The sounds of gunshots have been heard coming from the top of the hill and some believe it is the sound of the man being killed over and over again. Another park to visit within the city is also the oldest that can be found in town. The Queens Park is located within a district filled with history. There have been many reports indicating the sighting of a variety of ghosts in the area. The spirits have been known to be seen walking about or playing. Ghost documentation can be found for the area located close to the petting zoo, as well as Tipperary Park.


Additional haunted locations that can be found throughout the city, includes the Keg Steakhouse, which can be found within a former train station dating back to the 1800s. This site is believed to be haunted and visited by the footsteps that come from an unknown visitor. At the New Westminster Secondary School, the ghosts of a drowning victim and a boy who died in the woodshop room have been known to wander about the premises.