Haunted Canada: Vancouver

There are many delightful things to enjoy when visiting the destination of Vancouver, Canada, such as a host of beautiful skylines, Edwardian architecture and a deep history. Not only is this the third largest city that you will find throughout Canada, but it also serves as home to numerous ghost tales and strange occurrences.


When visiting the British Columbia Regiment, which is also the Beatty Street Armory area, you may not want to be in the vicinity during the night. There are a variety of sounds that you may encounter during a visit. Things have been known to fall from the walls and shelves, as well as books. Some have spotted the image of a man, who has roamed about various areas, such as the Officer’s Messes. Unexplainable footsteps have also been encountered at this location.


In Gastown, you will find the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is considered to be one of the most haunted restaurants that can be found in the area. It can be located close to an old trolley car, displaying an array of odd events. Reports have surfaced from some of the workers that a ghost had been spotted sitting in the trolley car. Some claim that they have even heard the ghost call out their names.

When looking for a place to stay, you may either avoid or welcome the haunted Hotel Vancouver. The main ghostly resident is a woman, who appears in red. She can be seen “gliding” through the hallways of the hotel. The elevator also seems to have a mind of its own. It has been known to stop at the 14th floor, where the door will open and the ghost is often encountered.

There is a set of remodeled office buildings that is referred to as Officer’s Row. A variety of paranormal activity has been reported to occur at this site. Unexplainable footsteps, cold spots, as well as touching from unknown entities have been known to happen. Another odd occurrence that has been documented is the strange ringing of telephones that aren’t even plugged into the phone jack. Dating back to 1927, the Orpheum is another haunted location within Vancouver. The ghost of an acrobat is known to haunt the premises. He lost his life while performing part of his vaudeville act.


At the Vogue Theater, the history of this site can be found dating back to the early 1940s. The locals believe that at least one ghost haunts this location. Those that work there have reported to hear weird noises, as well as unexplainable footsteps. The apparition of a man, who is dressed in a white tuxedo and black bow tie, has been spotted. A performer has even spotted the rather tall figure during a performance while they danced on the stage.


The University of British Columbia, located on 16th Avenue West presents a tale that has become the stuff that legends are made of. It starts with an argument that a woman and her boyfriend had, which left her on the side of the road. The weather was rainy and she had no other way of getting back home. The woman began to walk down 16th Ave, attempting to hitchhike. She was hit by a car and instantly killed. A little after her funeral was held, reports began to surface of a young lady who was hitchhiking along the same road. Many have tried to pick her up and help her on her way. Stories that the police have compiled state that if there is more than one person in the car, she will ignore them and keep walking, but if it is only a single male driver, she will accept the ride and hop into the back seat. When the driver attempted to ask her where she was heading, they would receive no answer. When they turned to look at her, they soon discovered that no one was in the back seat.