Haunted Canada: Winnipeg 1

The next time you are in Winnipeg, you may look a little closer at some of the locations you can visit. There is a wealth of paranormal activity just waiting to be rediscovered. In this article, you will encounter haunted locations, such as the Brandon Art Gallery, as well as the Eaton’s Department Store.


At the Brandon Art Gallery, you may encounter unexplainable footsteps, which have been heard by the night employees when they are supposed to be the only ones on the premises. Some have also felt the eeriness of someone or something watching people. The Scientific Observatory can be found at the Delta Marsh in Manitoba, which is located north of the Winnipeg area. A biology research facility is positioned here. In the 30s, a construction worker has been spotted roaming the halls of the main housing. He lost his life while he was laying down the foundation of the building. He has been known to turn lights on, as well as appear in the windows during the winter closing.


The ghost of a woman, who is unidentified, haunts the Eaton’s Department Store in Winnipeg. At 1am, a janitor was moving objects when he was overcome by an odd feeling. The ghost of a woman, who was wearing black clothing, faced him. She was right before his very eyes, standing a couple of feet away from him. She stayed in front of him for what he said was two minutes. As they stared at one another, the janitor was too afraid to move from his position. The ghost started to slowly back away from him, until she disappeared. Looking around, the janitor heard the faint voice of a woman. It seemed that she was calling his name. When he turned to see who was calling his name, no one was around. Fear overtook him and he fled the building. When he returned the next day, the boxes he was supposed to move were scattered all over the place. He could not explain what had happened to him at that time, so he deiced to resign.


The Euglid House is an old spot with a surrounding link fence that stands pretty tall. A family once lived at this location, but a gruesome tragedy took place. All of the family members were murdered by one of their own or they all decided to kill themselves. The story is quite blurry at this point, but the house is believed to be haunted by the souls of the murdered or lost family members. There is also an apartment that can be found next to this site, which is thought possessed as well.

At Fort Gerry, reports surfaced from two cleaning ladies, who were cleaning out the cubbies in the fur trade house. During their duties, items from the cubbies began to fly out at them without any known explanation. A hotel can be found close to this site, which was called the Fort Garry Hotel. A room on the premises is believed to be haunted, but the sex of the ghost is unknown. Those who have slept in the room have been awakened from their slumber. Some claim that it feels as if someone was getting into the bed with them. When attempting to ignore this “feeling,” you may begin to feel someone moving beside you. Maids have a story to tell, as well. Some claim to have seen blood flow down the walls of room 202. This is where a woman committed suicide after learning that her husband was a victim of a car accident. Her ghost has been seen crying in the corner of the room.