Haunted Canada: Winnipeg 2

Continuing some of the haunted spots that can be found throughout the destination of Winnipeg, you will encounter sites, such as the Little Mountain Park, as well as the Mother Tuckers Restaurant. There are ghosts that haunt the Portage Place Mall, as well as St. Mary’s Catholic School, which you will hear from in this article.


You will find the Little Mountain Park, located a couple of minutes outside of the city. There are legends surrounding a particular tree, which is referred to as the KKK tree. This large tree has a branch that sticks out from the rest, where three marks can be located, which is believed to have been left behind by a rope. The area is supposed to be haunted from the souls of those who have lost their life by hanging.


At the Manor House Court, you may hear unexplainable voices if you are in the area from 1am to 5am in the morning. If you enter one of the rooms at the Mother Tuckers Restaurant, you may encounter the face of a man, who can be sighted in the mirror. The Portage Place Mall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl, who can be heard crying in the back of a store called San Francisco. Out of nowhere, the sound of things falling on the ground can be heard.

How can a place that is supposed to be fun, be so eerie? At Ruckers, which is an entertainment center offering arcade games, employees have encountered some odd happenings. Once, while closing time was nearing, music began to play for no known reason.  A male voice has been heard, which calls out to a person they refer to as “Shawn.” Out of the corner of their eyes, employees have noticed odd figures appearing. Only one person works the night shift when experiencing these unknown occurrences.


At the St. Mary’s Catholic School, doors have been known to open and close on their own, as well as sometimes slam. Some believe there is the ghost of a baby that wanders about this location. An old monastery called the St. Norbert Monastery can be located within Winnipeg, which appears to be in ruins to the public. When walking about the monastery, some have felt that eyes follow their every move. Voices have also been heard on the premises.

The St. Vital Hotel is located at Mt. Mary’s Road, where you will find quite an establishment in shambles, although it is still in use. Some of the odd events of this location include the sighing of unexplainable figures and shadows. During the 1970s, a man lost his life during a fight in the back of the building. Male and female ghosts have been seen at this hotel.

When you are in the mood to enjoy a night at the theater, you may want to enjoy the potential of an extra show when stopping by the Walker Theater, which is a site of numerous scary events. In certain sections of the theater, you will encounter strange clapping from unknown audience members. Steel doors have been known to close on their own, as well as provide unexplainable footsteps and voices. Weird whispers have also been heard on the premises.