Haunted Castle Tours in England

If you are a paranormal enthusiast and are planning a trip to England anytime soon, you might want to read up on some of the fascinating haunted castles situated about the region. Not only will you have chance to explore the history of various locales, but also have the opportunity to come in contact with restless souls and unexplainable events. Below are a few haunted castle tours to consider:

Chillingham Castle (Northumberland)

This particular castle is attached to many different haunted tales, as a variety of ghosts are said to dwell on the premises. One of the most significant is that of a boy, who has a tendency to appear out of nowhere and brings along a golden light. Witnesses claim that his entire appearance is made up of a shining ray of light. This is not a ghost to be afraid of, as he comes in peace , displaying a radiant smile. Legend has it that those privileged to catch sight of him means that they are fated to achieve great things yet will suffer a violent end that comes from a damaging force. Do you dare seek this ghost out?

Another well-known ghost to be on the lookout for is called Lady Grey, which is believed to be searching for her husband who cruelly ran away with her sister. During the reign of Charles II, this was quite the scandal. Her ghost roams about the corridors of the castle hallway in a floating manner. Sometimes, she will stand in front of her picture, making a low sound indicative of pain, and then continues on her usual business. Often times, she does not make her presence visibly known, but instead , she is detected by the sound of her steps.

Danstanburgh Castle (Northumbria)

The ghost that haunts this castle is named Thomas, who was the Earl of Lancaster. He was executed as punishment for disagreeing with the king. When the official in charge of carrying out his sentence went to take his life, instead of the usual two or three blows , it took eleven blows to finish him off.

Hever Castle (Kent)

A visit to this castle places you in the midst of Anne Boleyn, whose ghost has been spotted about the bridge, moving about in a graceful glide.

Kinilworth Castle (Kenilworth)

Paying a visit to this castle brings you closer to the ghost of a monk who is believed to walk about the grounds. No one has claimed to hear him utter a word and he is not known to cause trouble for anyone, but those who have caught sight of his presence exclaim he is a frightening sight.

Dover Castle (Kent)

There are plenty of odd things to see and weird sounds to hear at Dover Castle, which is also haunted by the ghost of a woman who dresses in red. Her vision is seen about the stairs that lead up to the castle. There is also a strange noise on the premises (resembling a door in need of a good oiling), where the sound of it opening and closing can be heard despite it doesn’t exist any longer.