Haunted Castles in Ireland: Killua & Ballygally

Continuing the exploration of haunted castles throughout Ireland, you will find many different interesting facts and features about the country. You never know what can be learned when digging deeper than just the surface beauty of the exterior of a landmark.
  In this article, you will learn of the famous, historical ties to Killua Castle to the tricky habits of the ghost inhabiting Ballygally Castle to the Kinnitty Castle visitors.


Killua Castle


In Westmeath, there is a castle by the name of Killua, which has an interesting history to explore. This is the same residence that has ties to a well-known author. The family of T.E. Lawrence resided about this castle, which was known as Lawrence of Arabia. The castle is believed haunted by a “white” ghost that has been spotted roaming about the ruins of the premises after the sun has set.


The Chapman family was situated within this castle many centuries ago. During the 18th century, there was a land steward who cheated his master out of a large amount of money. The wrongdoings that he committed were consuming his insides. He began to drink his guilt and shame away. Before long, he was in so much despair that he decided to take his own life.


Eventually, he made his way to the lake and threw himself in, drowning soon after. Today, the once magnificent Killua Castle is a ruin, but some believe that the castle walls are filled with the emptiness of dark, forgotten windows where apparitions still present themselves.


Ballygally Castle


If you happen upon the scenery-filled coastline of Antrim, you will encounter this castle, which dates back to the early 1600s. Today, this Northern Ireland castle serves as the only building from the 17th century that is still being used as a home in this part of the country. To this date, it is thought to be one of the most haunted establishments you will encounter throughout the province.


When looking at the central tower, it is believed that the ghost of a woman named Lady Isobel Shaw haunts the premises. She is said to be quite a trickster about the castle, as she knocks on the bedroom doors where guest are staying. She is known for striking in the middle of the night. It is odd that Lady Shaw would be in such a friendly mood in the afterlife. When alive, her husband kept her locked away in her room, where he starved her. Instead of wasting away at the hands of her husband, she committed suicide by leaping from her window to her death.


There is also another ghost that has been sighted about the premises. Her name is Madame Nixon and she lived on the premises during the 19th century. Dressed in a silk dress, many believe they have heard her as she walks about the grounds.


Kinnitty Castle


Located in Kildare, there is a castle that is positioned upon a druidic site, which is also believed to be a haunted residence. The ghosts that are said to frequent this location are a group of Druids, who make up the paranormal activity about this site.