Haunted Cemeteries in Alabama I

If you visit the Union Cemetery in Woodville during the middle of the night, you may detect the sounds of screams attributed to the buried Confederate and Union soldiers who found in the Civil War. Other haunted cemeteries in Alabama mentioned in this article include the Seven Hills Cemetery in Mobile and Cemetery Mountain in Munford.  

Cemetery Mountain , Munford

There are plenty of tales surrounding this cemetery, which is called Cemetery Mountain because of all the gravesites decorating the land. Some of the final resting places have a history that traces back to the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. One popular ghost tale associated with the cemetery area centers on an old man that lived by himself on the Cemetery Mountain with just his dog to keep him company. During one hunting season, the man and his dog went out on a mission.

Story goes that some hunters mistook his dog for a deer and killed it, as the old man never returned home with his companion. Dying soon after, hunters declare that they heard a shot and happened upon a black lab that was still alive. Suddenly, an old man appeared and asked the hunters if they had seen his dog. The hunters answered ‘yes’ and turned to point at the dog, which had disappeared by then. As they turned around to address the old man, he too had vanished into thin air. Other strange happenings connected to Cemetery Mt. include the sighting of red glowing eyes and rumored satanic rituals.

Holt Cemetery , Society Hill

At the cemetery, visitors have detected odd noises. It is said that if you take photos at the site, 90% of the time, you will encounter a host of odd and unexplainable occurrences. Come with a tape recorder and the mysteriously faint sounds of someone singing are heard on a routine basis.

Seven Hills Cemetery , Mobile

An eerie apparition of a female has been reported to appear hanging on a cross at this cemetery.

Easley Cemetery , Townley

Townsfolk swear that a ball of fire appears floating through the air, and will make its way up towards you when you are on the road.  

Cemetery Road , Talladega

There is a road located in a national forest site where people have been buried under the ground , thus the name of the road. It’s an eerie place where every house is spread out at least five minutes apart from one another. At night, people have reported ghosts in the region , thought to be the restless souls of people buried in the ground. If you drive down the road at night, make sure to keep your eyes open and the car windows shut because the ghosts of the dead are believed to make contact.