Haunted Cemeteries in Alabama II

You’ll never listen to ‘Amazing Grace’ again and think the same thing if you pay a visit to a haunted cemetery in Albertville. Other haunted cemetery locations in Alabama mentioned in this article include Birmingham, Cardiff and Empire.

Memory Hill Cemetery , Albertville

People who have visited the cemetery have complained about the eerie feeling they’ve encountered. Some say visiting the center of the cemetery will send old chills up and down the back. According to one girl, she claims to have found three squirrels dead and frozen under a tree”¦and it was in the middle of the summer. A girl humming “Amazing Grace” has been reported to haunt the vicinity.

Village Falls Cemetery , Bayview/Birmingham

The cemetery is at the center of reports that state the sighting of ghostly figures hanging from trees. Visitors are sometimes taken back by the sensation that a presence is close by. Surrounding the cemetery, there are streetlights that come on and off by themselves , one by one.

Bass Cemetery , Birmingham

Many bodies of Civil War soldiers and slaves are found at the Bass Cemetery , a final resting place that dates back nearly 200 years. Followers of the occult are believed to conduct rituals in the cemetery, which is the answer to the community finding the dead bodies of animals. One crypt was found to have a body missing. Other strange happenings include the sighting of apparitions and sounds of odd screams.

Cardiff Cemetery , Cardiff

There is a rumor that older people in the area like to spread that states the dead frequent the Cardiff Cemetery in hopes of finding their loved ones. One of the spookiest days to visit the hotel is Friday the 13th, where if you drive close to the graveyard, you run the risk of having a dead car on your hands that has trouble starting back up for about five minutes.

Little Vine Grave Yard , Empire

If you pay a visit to this graveyard, you may encounter a small, greenish light when you pass by.

Children’s Cemetery , Gallant

It is said that ghostly children have been seen coming out in the cemetery in a playful manner.

Hodges Cemetery , Gardendale

At the Hodges Cemetery, you will find that objects bang on the car. On the car windows, mysterious hands and faces appear. Some claim that a wolf will chase you and is accompanied by a light. His red glowing eyes are certainly something to be scared of. Other weird happenings include tombstones that move about, strange sounds, odd noises, and the shadows of creatures.

Moncrief Cemetery , Gardendale

Along the north side, people have heard strange screams that come from the coffins. When the clock strikes 12am on the dot, ghostly apparitions have been seen wandering about the mortuary. There have also been reports that cars die out when turned off.