Haunted Cemeteries in California

Leave it to a cemetery to provide the perfect scare and the locations in California are no different. In this article, you will encounter the strange occurrences that take place at the Sunnyslope Cemetery, as well as the reason why you will feel chills running up and down your back when paying a visit to the Mountain Cemetery in Sonoma.

First, we will start with the Sunnyslope Cemetery located at Beaumont, which is the site of numerous paranormal encounters. The premises are filled with cold spots, odd noises, and an overall eerie feeling. Some people have reported the sensation of an unknown hand touching them. For the most part, the cemetery doesn’t get many visitors and when you’re alone, you may encounter a ghostly groundskeeper walking about. When you try to make contact with him (such as come closer to him), he ducks into one of the sheds and vanishes. Let’s say you attempt to go closer to the shed. The door is usually open and when you knock or call for assistance, you will get no answer.

At night, it is suggested to visit the cemetery with others. If you are interested in checking out the weird happenings of Sunnyslope Cemetery , head for the south end of Pennsylvania Street, situated just past the railroad tracks.

The Mountain Cemetery in Sonoma is an old graveyard, where ancient tombstones decorate the grounds and ruined mausoleums add an extra eerie touch to the scenery. When visiting this site, pay attention to a single grave that sticks out from the rest. A single name appears on it , “Lise.” This tombstone has become a favorite haunt for teenagers who seek out the cemetery to quench their curiosity regarding the location. Many report the sightings of ghostly spirits during their visit. When taking a look outside of the cemetery (which is surrounded by gates) , a collection of broken graves are situated close to a woodsy area. Past visitors have reported offensive odors, odd lights, and a thick sense of fear. Many cold spots are also found in the vicinity.

In Santa Ana, you will find the Fairhaven Cemetery Mausoleum, where paranormal enthusiasts used to find the lower level of some interest. It is here that an eerie section once showcased the crypts of children. On occasion, some have reported detecting the slight sound of a child crying. Today, the crypts are no longer found at this spot, however , the memory and allure still remains.

In Tulare, a former tuberculosis sanitarium turned cemetery is found. One time, two residents visited the ld cemetery (which is positioned on the hill) during the late hours of night. Their intentions were to seek out ghosts, but they got much more than bargained for when they encountered the odd feeling of unknown entities touching them. One man had his hat taken off of his head more than once, as if some invisible force was pulling it off. Unexplainable voices also filled the graveyard during their encounter. 

To further your paranormal exploits throughout the haunted cemeteries in California, don’t forget to check out the Green Acres Cemetery in Bloomington (odd Halloween happenings); the Cherokee Cemetery in Cherokee (the ghost of the murdered town sweetheart); and the Minturn Cemetery in Chowchilla (mischievous ghostly apparitions).