Haunted Cemeteries in Missouri

Cemeteries have always held a certain mystique about them that has the power to send chills up and down the backs of even the bravest individual. Unsuspecting tourists looking for the thrill of meeting an infamous ghost face-to-face have been known to encounter something or someone they were not expecting to come across. This article will mention some of the interesting tales associated with the cemeteries and graveyards situated in the state of Missouri.


In Poplar Bluff, the Woodlawn Cemetery offers the scare of a man’s voice that can be heard yelling throughout the summer when the clock strikes midnight. He loudly blurts out, ” What do you want. Who are you looking for?” His voice is so loud that it sounds as if he is using a loudspeaker. At the same time, the murmuring of other whispers occurs at the same time, where it sounds like a crowded room full of ghostly inhabitants.


The Bethel Campground Cemetery in Benton comes to life at night when a host of unexplainable voices can be heard from the site. Others claim to have spotted odd blue lights floating through the vicinity. The Lobb Cemetery in Blue Springs also presents unknown orbs of light to those who visit the site. Whether you feel as if you are being watched or not, the cemetery is quite creepy (not to mention the ghost of a little boy that is said to haunt the area). When taking pictures in the cemetery, it is said you may catch the orbs of light once they become developed.


In Stanberry, the Coopers Cemetery is the place to seek out when you wish to investigate the curious, unexplainable sound of babies crying. On the premises, it is also said that the ghost of an old man will appear at random moments through the thick of the forest line. In his hand, he is seen carrying a lantern, and just when you focus on his image, he will then disappear.


In Mount Vernon, the Spanish Fort Cemetery showcases a great amount of paranormal activity. One of the events that visitors may encounter is glowing red lights that sometimes appear about the cemetery.


As you travel along Owl Road in Neosho, you will happen upon a small cemetery that comes to life at night. Ghosts are known to dwell in the area where the sounds of ghostly babies also fill the air at times. If you listen closely, you will be able to hear their faint cries and somewhere on the premises a baby grave with an eerie history attached to it can be found. Some claim it is marked as “Baby Girl.” Another site in the cemetery that holds a special past is the area surrounding the groundkeeper’s shack.

In Bolivar, the Catholic Cemetery can be found as you travel south Bolivar on 13Hwy. With a right turn onto the highway, you will reach a tower that is known to blink with lights that signify your closeness to the graveyard. It is here that you may search for the black figure that haunts the premises.


At the Shiner’s Cemetery in Braymer, you will locate this small graveyard situated on the outskirts of the town. There are only about 30 graves on the grounds, yet blue lights are said to trail about the grounds. Legend has it that the lights indicate that an awful accident will take place soon after, which many people can attest to the trueness of this rumor.


Additional haunted cemeteries in Missouri include the Ryder Cemetery situated in Rich Hill, which has brought about many different reports of strange yelling when no one is in the vicinity. In Sikeston, the Hart Cemetery often showcases a series of strange lights that are known to appear in a floating manner when some have visited this old graveyard.