Haunted Cemeteries in New York State 3

When it comes to old cemeteries, there’s no telling what can take place in the middle of the night. As for the Hollen Beck Cemetery in Jamestown, people have been buried at this site since the 1700s. In this article, you will also learn about haunted tales surrounding graveyards in Latham, Long Island, and Lockport.


Some reports centered on the Hollen Beck Cemetery include a headless horseman that likes to chase young girls. Strange animal bones are often found lying around , could it be animal sacrifices taking place? Some people report hearing calls for help, while other odd sounds resemble the knocking of a coffin. The majority of people in the cemetery come from children of big families with only around 15 gravestones decorating the land.


If you travel to the back of the Woodlands Apartment Complex, you will find a preserved revolutionary war graveyard, dubbed the Revelatory Hero’s Cemetery. The site serves as the final resting place for about 12 soldiers. Some residents believe that on a hot summer night where gusts of wind grow strong, the voices of the fallen men can be heard. On nights with full moons, the wind may carry the sound of beaten drums.


Pay a visit to the Cold Springs Cemetery and you may bump into the young hitchhiker who is believed to still return to the location where she was picked up and killed.

Long Island

In Stony Brook, the tale of Mary’s Grave is a popular one that has spawned several different variations. Some people believe that she took the lives of her two children and husband. If you visit her gravesite, strange things have a knack for taking place. Oddly enough, her marker shows a date of birth, but does not list a date for her death.

Around town, the most favored twist of her tale is that Mary was supposedly the daughter of a wealthy man who owned the land where the town received its start. It is said that as a loner, Mary’s father built their home away from people, leaving Mary without any friends. She spent most of her time playing in a stone clubhouse that her father built for her. As an animal lover, the clubhouse became a sanctuary for Mary and her pets, until one day a spirit that caused her to mutilate the animals supposedly possessed her. It is said that she eventually killed her father and brother, using an ax to carry out the deed.

When the townsfolk finally decided to see what happened to the landowner, they found Mary sleeping in her father’s bed , soaked in blood. They decided to hang the girl from a tree on her property. The gravesite of the girl remains lost to this day, but some people claim to have seen ghostly figures around her former property. The stone clubhouse also remains in tact. It is believed if you come in contact with her grave and perform an evil task, something bad will happen to you. Some car accidents have been attributed to this myth.