Haunted Cemeteries in New York State 4

At the Albany Rural Cemetery in Menards, people have reported seeing frightening black figures that come in various shapes and sizes, like vehicles, men, and unexplainable large masses. These figures seem to appear at dusk. A strange transparent couple that looks to be floating throughout the cemetery at night and wearing pajamas is also part of the allure of visiting the cemetery.


The haunted cemetery in Naples has created reports of odd lights, strange noises, and people running about the grounds. One account states that while sitting in their car, a woman and her boyfriend felt and heard the sounds of something jumping on the back of their car and then moving on to the top of the vehicle. When they got out to inspect the damage and find the culprit, no one was in sight, but a lit candle was seen on the top of a gravestone.


In Oswego, there are two cemeteries to add to your list of places to see for a paranormal outing. First, locals know the Post Cemetery as familiar haunting grounds. It is believed that the ghost of soldier named George Fikes will haunt the person you name after performing a ritual that leads you to jump over the grave, spit, and lie on the grave while reciting an associated chant. As for the Riverside Cemetery, the graveyard is home to a pond where the drowning of a young boy took place. It is thought that his apparition appears by the waters.


Pay a visit to the John Burroughs Gravesite, which is located in the middle of a forest with Roxbury being the closest town to the site. The grave has since been covered by grass, but some people have claimed to experience a sensation or cold spot when sitting on the nearby rock, which is believed to be the very same place where the famous naturalist would sit and contemplate his work.


If you visit the Veil Cemetery located on State Street, you will encounter a handful of statues with the reputation of bleeding from their eyes and the tops of their heads. Sometimes, the statues are known to “cry out” in the middle of the night. Other sightings connected to the cemetery include apparitions that appear in both white and black forms, which have a habit of wandering about the graves and perching on the branches of trees.  The old church found in the vicinity is also a location where apparitions have been known to appear. In the windows, strange lights have been detected, and if you’re lucky, you may catch the sound of strange singing that escapes out of the front doors.