Haunted Cemeteries in New York State 5

Calling Ozone Park its home for more than a century, the Bay Side Cemetery is a Jewish burial ground that has suffered disrepair and vandalism over the years. In this article, learn about the strange happenings connected to this graveyard, as well as others located in the New York State region.

Ozone Park

The Bay Side Cemetery is comprised of three different cemeteries, many of which display photos of who occupies tombs. One section is completely devoted to buried infants and children, where tombstones have greatly sunk into the ground. A visit at night proves quite nerve rattling as it feels as if someone is always watching you. Odd faces and orbs have been known to appear.


Plenty of spirits have been known to call the grounds at the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery their haunt. For many years, people have come to observe the paranormal activity associated with this graveyard.  


At the Pultneyville Cemetery, strange shadows have been known to move in the trees. They also appear on the ground even though there is nothing visible behind the movement. If you dare, maybe you’d like to investigate the odd sounds that have been reported to take place by the by the cliff that overlooks Lake Ontario.


The St. John’s Cemetery located on Woodhaven Blvd has been at the center of reports regarding strange sounds that arise out of nowhere, objects appearing without any warning, and detected cold spots.


Ghostly apparitions of dark shadowy woman in black have been reported to appear at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. In the children’s section of the graveyard, you may encounter white figures that resemble smoky visions.


Go to the Sparta Cemetery located on the Scarborough / Ossining border, where a handful of spirits are thought to haunt the grounds. Weird mists have been known to cover the land and if you come late at night, you may hear odd voices coming from within and around the cemetery.

Staten Island

The spirits found at Baron Hirsch Cemetery actually date back until the early 1800s. Locals have reported seeing some of the cemetery spirits appear close to their homes if they are situated close to the graveyard property. In the surrounding neighborhoods, walking down the streets at night without a companion could prove daring, as shadowy figures thought associated with the cemetery have been known to appear.


If you are interested in seeing a green glowing orb, there is a gravesite in Stillwater Cemetery that may produce the effect you seek.


Located at the top of Goosehill is the aptly named Goosehill Cemetery, which has a history that traces back to the 1800s to early 1900s. The site itself is rather small, only accommodating about 30 graves, but this doesn’t stop the cemetery from producing a spooky experience. Woods surround the graveyard and visitors have reported seeing odd dark shadows walking around the area and hearing unexplainable voices coming from out of the woods.