Haunted Cemeteries in New York State 6

Head for Suffolk County in Lindenhurst, where Mary O’Leary’s grave gets quite a bit of attention in these parts. In this article, you will also encounter details regarding haunted cemeteries in Syracuse, Troy, and Utica.

Suffolk County

Located behind the Queen of the Rosary Academy, the cemetery where the grave resides is a place that accommodates the final resting places of many priests and nuns. As the story goes, a young novice fell head over heels for one of the grounds keepers.  One night, she snuck out of the convent to meet with him, as they planned on running away with one another and getting married. But before she could reach her love, she was raped and murdered.

Due to the horrific manner in which her life was taken, she was not allowed a burial at the cemetery. Her body was buried where it was found. It is said that on a night with a full moon, if you visit her gravestone, you can catch sight of her ghost standing by the roadside. After opening up the road, her gravestone has become hidden from view. Driving to a certain point of new highway, people have claimed to hear screams, which they attribute to the murdered woman.


If you pay a visit to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, New York, you may come across an odd, white apparition that has a reputation for chasing visitors.


The Forest Park Cemetery (also known as Pinewood Cemetery) has such a reputation for spooking visitors out that it has earned a spot on the Top Ten Haunted Cemeteries in the Country list. Old and deserted, barely any new bodies have been buried at the graveyard. However, plenty of ghost sightings have been reported in connection with the cemetery. Odd occurrences have also been known to take place at the cemetery with many odd photos appearing in the local newspaper as a result. After a psychic paid a visit to the cemetery, it was concluded that the site rests on top of a Native American burial ground and that the spiritual activity in the vicinity is restless and at times, malevolent.

Another cemetery in Troy to consider visiting for a paranormal thrill is St. Mary’s Cemetery, where a green, glowing orb has been reported to hover front of a gravestone located at the bottom of the hill.


The spirit of a restless woman has been reported to appear at St. Agnes Cemetery , sometimes seen wandering about the grounds.


At the Evergreen Cemetery, you may encounter a ghostly woman dressed in black if you pay a visit to the tombstones located at the top of the hill. Some people claim to have seen her and met eyes with the spirit, but as soon as they turned away, she was nowhere to be seen.