Haunted Cemeteries in New York State Region 2

When traveling in the New York State region, you will find an assortment of scary stopovers if you’re interested in ghost hunting or locating paranormal activity. Cemeteries are the perfect places to hunt for the unexpected. For example, in Hannibal, you may come across some of the ‘strange balls of lights’ reported to appear in the local graveyard. Other haunted locales in this article include Dewittville, Frewsburg, Yonkers, and Grand Island.


The Alms House/Poor Farm calls Dewittville, New York its home. Situated on a piece of the property is what is known as the Poor House Cemetery with records that date between 1833 and 1918. It wasn’t until 1869 that grave markers were used so there is no telling who calls the cemetery his or her final resting place. The farm was known to accommodate people who were fighting poverty. It is believed that the barn holds the most restless souls, as numerous sightings have taken place at the site, including glowing orbs. The nearby woods are also known to produce a host of strange noises.


At the Grunsey Hollow Cemetery, a young woman who was to death in the 1800’s is buried on the premises. It is believed that she haunts the gravesite to this day. Other ghosts are thought to haunt the cemetery and could possibly be the handiwork of all the children that are buried onsite. Some of the odd occurrences linked to the Grunsey Hollow Cemetery include the unexplainable sounds of children laughing and playing, glowing balls of light, animals being strewn up on the cross, and glowing graves.


It would be a shame to be caught in the Oakland Cemetery by yourself, as rumor has it , three female ghosts in white may chase you out.


If you’re interested in ghost hunting, head for Prospect Hill Cemetery in Gloversville, New York , a location with a reputation for ghost sightings.  

Grand Island

At Whitehaven Cemetery, there are a handful of notable restless souls linked to the graveyard. First, there is a young girl who haunts a Holiday Inn situated next to the cemetery. It is believed that her gravestone actually glows. In early 1990’s, a young woman lost her life to AIDS and is thought to haunt the cemetery. On the marker of her grave, she is seen holding her infant son. Another tale of sadness involves a man who passed away while fighting in the Gulf War. His ghost has been seen roaming about the ground and is believed to be in search for his pregnant wife.


A lot of reports surround Montrepose Cemetery (or the Wiltwick Cemetery) in Kingston, where people believe it is a location perfect in regards to paranormal activity and odd energies.