Haunted Cemeteries in the United States

A visit to the Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville, Colorado may end in sighting blue lights that appear through the tops of the trees. It is also said that a ghostly woman dressed in white is known to fly over the tombstones. In this article, you will also encounter haunted tales of cemeteries in Ohio, Michigan, Maine, California, South Carolina, and Rhode Island.

Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Ashtabula, Ohio) , As the Pacific Express traveled over a bridge on December 29, 1876, tragedy struck the train. The bridge began to collapse and only the first engine had made it across to the other side. A total of 159 passengers were on the train. The last part of the train broke away and fell to the bottom of the ravine. Nearly 90 people lost their lives that day. The majority of the victims burned alive while they were trapped inside of the crushed train cars. It is said that the ghosts of the victims frequent the bottom of the bridge on the anniversary of the accident.

Oak Hill Cemetery (Battle Creek, Michigan) , Every Sunday night (around midnight), it is said that a statue depicting the Virgin Mary weeps. This is a local legend that has lasted for more than 60 years. The statue has been dubbed the ‘Crying Mary.’

Pine Wood Cemetery (Belfast, Maine) , Unexplained footsteps in the grass, odd banging sounds on the sides of cars, and orbs that appear in photographs taken in the cemetery are just some of the reports surrounding this graveyard.

Graham Hill Road Cemetery (Santa Cruz, California) , As you are traveling up Graham Hill road, you will find a cemetery situated on the left hand side of the road , right off of Highway 17 in Santa Cruz. People have been reporting strange occurrences at the cemetery for years. Inside of the cemetery, people have claimed to see faces and objects moving about. Towards the end of the graveyard, if you pull into the driveway and shine your headlights, rumor has it that you may see a white figure start to approach. It is in your best interest to move, as this is not a friendly ghost. Dark shadows, strange noises, and orbs have all been reported to take place at this cemetery.

Chestnut Hill Cemetery (Exeter, Rhode Island) , On January 18, 1892, a young girl named Mercy Brown died and after she was laid to rest, her father dug up her body because he feared that she had become a vampire. The locals lent a hand and when they removed her body from the ground, a doctor drained her organs of any blood that remained. It is said that violating her body and grave has caused the girl to appear in the graveyard in the middle of the night. The cemetery is also known for strange blue lights moving about.

Granitville Cemetery (Aiken, South Carolina) , In the middle of the night, there is said to be the ghost of a witch who has been reported to walk through the cemetery placing flowers on the graves of young children. People claim to have heard screams coming from the back of the cemetery where unmarked graves are situated. Cold spots, eerie feelings, unexplainable laughter, and gunshots have all been documented to occur at this cemetery.