Haunted Churches in Indiana I

When it comes to scary places, many people take notice to a haunted church. What kind of ghost could be lurking behind you in the pew as you say a prayer or lingering in a bell tower of an older building ”“ an unsettled priest or wayward soul looking for salvation? In this article, you will encounter a handful of haunted churches in the state of Indiana, including one in Fowler that is said haunted by a young girl.

Chesterfield Christian Church

In Chesterfield, Indiana, you will find what is said to be the haunted Chesterfield Christian Church. Locals say that the body of a man was found dead in the boiler room during the 1940s and no one has ever figured out whom it belonged to. The unexplainable flickering of the lights in the building now comes on without warning, and people think that it is the ghost of the unnamed man. Doors have also been known to randomly open and shut, and in the early part of the morning, noises are heard from inside the church when no one is inside.

Posey Chapel

In Laporte, Indiana, there is not only a haunted church that once stood on the ground (the Posey Chapel) to fear, but a cemetery as well. Legend says that the church caught ablaze and burned to the ground many years ago. The property has been the site of more tragic incidents, such as the preacher hanging himself on the grounds. Some people have seen orbs and red eyes staring at them from the space where the chapel once stood, and although the church is no longer there ”“ the sound of someone singing has also been reported.

Bonds Chapel

In Organeville, Indiana, there is a church named Bonds Chapel, which is the location of an interesting tale of paranormal activity. It is said that the wife of a slave asked a local shaman to place a curse on a slave owner that once lived in the area. It is said that the slave owner used a logging chain to beat one of his slaves to death. This incident occurred during the 1800s. Legend has it that when the murdered slave was buried, a chain appeared on his tombstone. Eerily, it is said that every year that the chain appears ”“ a new link has been added.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

No one attends the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church today in Indianapolis, Indiana, but over the years, the property has received a reputation for being haunted. Some say that weird noises come from the building and it sounds like people are walking around. While some believe ghosts haunt the former church, others believe that the local homeless are the ones responsible for the noises and odd activity that has been reported.