Haunted Churches in Indiana III

If you believe in local legends and ghosts that haunt churches, then you should know that plenty of states are filled with such tales. In this article, you will encounter churches that have young ghosts in the attic and those that enjoy staring out of windows.  

Mt. Giliad Church

A trip to Pendleton, Indiana will put you in the vicinity of Mt. Giliad Church, which has an interesting legend tied to it. Some believe that if you run around the church 10 time before heading to Main Street Graveyard and Crybaby Bridge, then you will stir the local spirits. To reach the church, find your way to County Road 50 West, and then turn south about three miles to encounter the church. Crybaby Bridge and Main Street Graveyard is found a little beyond Hancock County Road 675, which you can reach by crossing the county line and making a right turn, after heading south for about two miles from the church. Boulders block the lane that leads to the graveyard.

Other cities to search for haunted churches in Indiana include:

Kendallville ”“ Dark figures have been reported to lurk in the shadows of a church located on the corner of Michelle and Riley Street. Sounds of people moving are thought to take place. Some have even reported being harmed by an invisible person that stays inside the building and chases people out. Visible wounds have occurred when people have visited the inside of the church, including odd cuts that appear on the legs and arms. Other odd happenings associated with this church includes unexplainable cold and warm spots, chairs that move on their own, and marks that have been left behind.

Logansport ”“ It is said that you will encounter the ghost of a young girl in the basement of this church, where witnesses claim to have seen her looking out of the window.

Fowler ”“ Local TV stations even gathered at a supposedly haunted church here, where it is believed the ghost of a young girl dwells. It is said that her voice has been detected on audio recordings. In the attic, audio picked up on the word ‘mommy’ being said.

Irvington ”“ Irvington is a town in Indiana that was founded around the 1800s. In the past, there was a house that was transformed into a church that was expanded upon to become the religious center that it turned into. The church was once the home of a slave owner who had all of his servants and slaves living in homes surrounding the central house.

It is said that if you walk past the church/house when the sun is setting, you will be able to see the figure of a man who is either on the church grounds or situated on the roof. Some people who have spent the night in Irvington may experience several different incidents. There are those who have reported waking up and feeling that someone else was in the room with them. The ghost of a young man has also been reported. Many have felt as if they were not alone ”“ by smelling certain odors and hearing odd sounds.