Haunted Churches in London: Farnham & Borley

Some of the most frequented haunted spots in the world tend to be cemeteries and churches (for obvious reasons). Throughout London, there are many church sites that offer more than just a few ghosts on the premises. The following churches explored in this article deal with the Farnham Church, as well as the Borley Rectory.


Farnham Church


When it comes to the largest parish church located in Surrey, you may hear that it is also the most haunted, housing an array of ghosts on the location. For example, the church tower has been known to be a standing spot for the ghost of an older woman, who often appears dressed in white. She has been spotted at this site on more than a few times. A few witnesses even claim to have spied her jumping from the tower area, landing in the churchyard located below.


Another incident pertaining to this church occurred while a former vicar was in the middle of a sermon. From behind the church, he claimed to have spotted a mist coming from beyond. He also sighted odd-looking lights that dimly shown about the mist. He also reported to have viewed unexplainable figures that move in the mist as well. This is not the only report filed regarding the church. A former parish priest claimed to have seen a high mass taking place at the church, only the oddity of it all came that the rather substantial congregation appeared to be comprised of all ghosts. He stated that during the mass, he heard a strange Latin chanting taking place. Other visitors to the church have also witnessed this event taking place on the premises.


Borley Rectory


If it’s notoriety that you are interested in, then the Borley Rectory is one of the most well-known of haunted churches throughout England. More articles and news briefs have been written about this site than any other. The paranormal activity at this location goes beyond the usual ghost and goblin; there are a host of events that have taken place at this church throughout the years. The last century has brought about many reports of the odd, strange and unexplainable in regards to this church.


For example, an apparition resembling a nun has been known to haunt the premises. It is thought to be the ghost of Marie Lairre, who sadly lost her life to the hands of a Waldgrave family member. The family once lived in the Borley for a number of centuries. Her ghost is often sighted close to the Rectory and has been spotted with a horse-drawn coach. To add a bit of eeriness, the horses of the coach are headless. The Borley has been visited by many psychics, including the notable Harry Price, who influenced the public to take notice of the paranormal activity of the Borley through his investigations.

When the rectory became abandoned in 1937, it was Price who leased it for a year do that he could further document the paranormal activity. He brought in about 40 investigators to the rectory, where they encountered moving objects, temperature variations, strange noises, as well as odd smells. During a séance conducted at the rectory, a spirit told participants that in less than a year, the Borley Rectory would burn to the ground. Eleven months later, a lamp that apparently fell on its own caused the building to catch aflame.