Haunted Churches in the United States

At the Our Lady of the Visitation Church in Bay City, Michigan, there is a legend that a bloody hand appears in the church sacristy and in the basement of the church. In this article, you will encounter more legends concerning churches throughout the United States.

Shilo Baptist Church (Monticello, Mississippi) , It is said that at midnight, traveling down Nola Road will place you in the midst of a church that seems to always have something strange glowing in the window. Some people have claimed to enter the church and encounter a woman in a white dress that will chase them out of the building.

Light House Church (Clayton, Oklahoma) , People claim that when no one else is around, they have heard unexplainable voices. The windows have a knack for displaying cold handprints. Lights have been known to flicker on and off. All strange happenings have been reported to take place in the middle of the night.

Westminster Church (Baltimore, Maryland) , Some of the graves at this church has a past that traces back to the 1700s. This is the same location where the burial of infamous author Edgar Allen Poe took place. Ghost hunters from near and far have made the trip to this location. With equipment, such as EMF (Electronic Magnetic Field Detector) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), it has been reported that odd voices and ghostly apparitions can be encountered. The site has been featured on “Sightings , The Ghost Report.”

Samaria Church (Jasper, Alabama) , Railroads are located close to the church. One day, a man working on the railroad lost his hand. Legend has it that if you sit in your car by the railroad, you can hear the ghost of the man tapping his hook on the rails. One individual claimed that he drove away from the sound; and later learned that a hook had been stuck in the vehicle.

Old Caryville Church and Schoolhouse (Caryville, Wisconsin) , More than 30 years ago, investors were planning on tearing down the Old Caryville Church to construct a new one. The priest at the time was highly angered over the decision and decided to hang himself in the bell tower. It is said that since his death, many strange things take place on the church grounds. One mystery tied into the church was the death of a young boy who attended the school. Rumor has it that if you sit at the desk where the boy died at, you may experience an odd rush that has been described as something passing through your body.

Main Street Church (Mechanicville, New York) , It is said that the ghost of a former soldier walks about the church property. He is often blamed for breaking the heating system during the wintertime, and for the unexplainable turning on and off of lights.

Krakow Church (Krakow, Nebraska) , An old convent once stood in the vicinity of the church before it was torn down. It is said that if you drive past the church, you can still see the ghostly image of the convent. Another report is that the a ghostly body can be seen hanging and swaying in the trees.