Haunted Clarksville, Tennessee

Who would have known that an obscure map location, such as Clarksville, Tennessee, will harbor an assortment of interesting haunted spots. From the Austin Peay State University campus to a haunted hospital, the city offers its fair share of scary sights to investigate. As a resident or a visitor, you never know when your next haunting is located”¦maybe around the corner.


When visiting Clarksville, you may encounter the higher learning institution of Austin Peay State University, where supposed hauntings are known to take place. At the campus theatre named Trahern, which has a history of paranormal activity attached to the stage while a production was in progress. During one afternoon, while a cast was rehearsing on the stage, the lights started to dim without notice on a couple of different periods of time (but for no more than a few seconds at a time). There was no reason for the electricity to go out as it should and no one was controlling the lighting booth. The lights apparently had a mind of their own and from there, rumors started that a ghost was in their midst, playing tricks with the lights.


On the third floor of the Trahern Theater, as well as on the stage, the ghost of a young woman who has been called “Margaret” has a reputation of messing with the elevators, locking doors, banging on lockers, as well as calling out the name of whoever is in the theater at night.

The Gateway Hospital in Clarksville is home to a ghost that has been spotted walking past an opened door into a hallway situated on the first floor. Witnesses know that this image has ghostly qualities because below the thigh, there are no legs. Another haunted location about Clarkville is the Smith Trahern Mansion, which possesses the energy of a ghost called “Mrs. Smith.” It is thought that she is seen walking about the walkway during nights where the moon is bright. The house where she calls home overlooks the Cumberland River, where her husband held the position as Riverboat Captain. When she was alive, she used to sit on the balcony that provided a clear view of the river and wait for him to return home. One day, he lost his life while on the river. The accident took him away from her and he never returned. It is believed that to this day, she waits for him to return, keeping vigil at the mansion.


In Palmyra, there is the tale of the headless statues, where a ghost named E.T. Wickham is said to haunt the premises. His favorite place to hang out is around the headless statues on the grounds. In the vicinity, witnesses has reported strange noise that seem to comes from a cabin situated in the area, which once served as a home to Wickham. In ruin, the cabin still stands, but the statues have undergone many years of disrepair. Most recently, March 2007 has seen the removal of the statues by relatives of Wickham, which leads one to wonder, what will happen to his ghost?