Haunted Colleges and Universities in Missouri

As you tour the various sights of Missouri, you may pass by smiling students inhabiting the colleges and universities throughout the state. If you happen to come close to institutions, such as the College of the Ozarks or Lindenwood University, consider the following adventures to seek out that might scare the heck out of you.


At Point Lookout, the College of the Ozarks can be found. It is here that the campus holds several different tales regarding hauntings. Ghosts have been spotted in various parts of the college, including at the on campus theater, inside of the steam tunnels and power plant, as well as throughout some of the older dorms. One ghost is said to be particularly fond of the performing arts, as even though the old theater on campus was destroyed, the same ghost found its way to the new structure to continue their haunting.


In St. Charles, you will encounter Lindenwood University, which showcases the ghost tale of Mary Sibley, whose spirit is said to haunt several different spots on campus. It is Sibley, who was the founder of the college and it seems her soul isn’t yet at rest. Some students claim to have seen her image about the college, which sometimes comes with a wave of piano music. This is said to be one of Sibley’s pastimes. The campus theater, as well as the library is said to have its fair share of ghosts. If you should venture into Sibley Hall, some residents living on the upper floor claim that have experienced mattresses floating in the air after waking up in the middle of the night. Also, there is a hallway on the premises that no students are allowed access to because of how haunted it is. To protect their interests, it has been kept shut with boards.

Doane College is situated in Crete, which has an old library on its grounds that carries a tale of a female ghost that appears in a white dress. When the moon is full, it is said that she will make herself known by appearing in front of one of the windows. Some claim to have seen the same ghost wandering about the basement.


In Columbia, you will find Stephens College, where Senior Hall offers the ghostly encounter of a female ghost, who was quite distraught at the time of her death. The young woman was hiding her Confederate lover during the war when he was found out and then murdered. Heartbroken, she hung herself in the bell tower that was located at her dorm. Today, it is believed that she still haunts the premises, searching for the love that was taken from her.

If you get a chance to visit Maryville, you will encounter Roberta Hall, which is part of Northwest Missouri State University. It is here that a ghost by the name of Roberta Steel has haunted the dorm for the past 40 years. For many years, a part of the dorm was even closed because of all the odd happenings attached to the site. When it was closed, weird noise still came from the area. Some described the sound as being similar to golf balls rolling down a hallway. Also, strange green lights would come from the bathroom. The area has since been reopened, yet the oddities continue to occur, such as hairbrushes flying from one end of the room to another.