Haunted Colleges in Alabama

If you’re in the mood for investigating haunted colleges in Alabama, perhaps you’d like to explore one of the learning institutions mentioned in this article , like the Athens State College. At this school, it is said that a ghostly death scene dating back to the Civil War days takes place on the premises.

Athens State College , Athens

There is a ghost of a mysterious woman connected to Athens State College that dates back to the Civil War days. Dressed in a flowing lace dress, the story goes that she was looking out of her window when the Confederates bombed her residence. In a panic, it is said that she took one last look at her room, which was located on the upper floor and leaped out of the window. On the way down, she hit an open window , causing blood to splatter on what is now a wall of the college.

Every Monday morning, students believe the ghostly scene of the woman falling out of the window is recreated at exactly 9 o clock. Some people claim to have seen her standing by the window every other day of the week. The ghost of a girl that appears in a white dress and is said to have died on the premises supposedly haunts McCandles Hall. Some students tell the tale of Madame Childs, who they believe haunts young women who stay out past curfew.

University of South Alabama , Mobile

The basement of Seaman’s Bethel Chapel Theater found at the University of South Alabama is said to be haunted by the ghost of a small child who seems to have an interest in playing in the costume shop. The fly loft has also been at the center of reports that the ghost of a seaman in a captain’s coat haunts the vicinity.

Judson College , Marion

A multitude of haunted stories connected to the buildings and dorms at Judson College make this a colorful campus to investigate in Alabama. Throughout the college, people have claimed to experience the feeling of being touched by unexplainable entities, where some incidents have left behind marks on their body.

Peer into the windows of Building J and you may catch sight of the female apparition who is said to haunt the vicinity. The sounds of footsteps and whispers are also reported in Building J. An unknown female spirit is thought to haunt Carlisle Hall. Room 313 at Kirtley Hall is believed to house two different ghosts. The first is Anne Kirtley, while the other is a female who supposedly took her own life in the same room. Other odd happenings associated with the room include doors and windows that shake, cold spots, and in some cases, the cold spot envelops the whole room.
Alabama State , Grant

Head for Becker Hall, where rumor has it, the ghosts of deceased basketball players gather to play a late night game, where the sounds of ghostly cheers can be heard.