Haunted Colleges in California

When you head for the University of California (located in Los Angeles), the last thing on your mind is the happenings known to take place at Dykstra Hall. In this article, you will learn about this haunted place and much more throughout the state.

It is the 10th floor at the University of California dorm called Dykstra Hall that supposedly delivers a spooky atmosphere, as the showers located on this floor actually turn on by themselves. This isn’t just the ordinary drip, but a shower burst at full force that takes place when no one is in the shower area. Even when the residents turn the showers off, they sometimes turn right back on their own. Numerous reports have been filed regarding the showers, but when maintenance went to investigate , they found nothing wrong.

In Thousand Oaks, you will find California Lutheran University and on the grounds , the Mount Clef Dorm has quite a reputation for haunted interest. This dorm is known for its ghosts, including that of a young boy who is sometimes seen roaming about the hall upstairs , closest to the 300 side of rooms. Residents blame him for the doors that they had closed and locked before retiring in the night only to find open. Students have uncovered mud that has mysteriously appeared in their bed (and disappeared at times). Some have experienced their pillows thrown to the other side of the room, as they slept in the middle of the night. Some were literally yanked right from under them as they slept. Rumor has it that the dorm was built in the same site as an old hotel where the murder of a young boy supposedly took place.

In Burbank, the college of Woodbury University used to run as a monastery. It is believed that the ghost of Mother Cabrini is a visitor of the campus. This nun, who once lived on the premises is said to be behind the ringing of the bell in the bell tower that chimes at late hours in the night.

Head for Laxson Auditorium found at California State University in Chico to encounter the spirit of an older woman, who has been spotted by people performing plays while on stage. They claim that she takes a seat at one of the balcony locations. It seems that she always chooses to sit at the same seat, but when anyone attempts to find out if this is a real person or not , she vanishes.

In San Rafael, a trip to Dominican University will bring you closer to the ghost who is called “Blue Boy,” who is said to have lost his life when he drowned in the bathtub. They believe he haunts the site of his death, where unexplainable wet footprints have been uncovered. 

In Hayward, students attending Cal State University may become acquainted with the ghosts said to dwell close to Robinson Hall. These sightings usually take place around 10pm and consist of a male and a female who are rather friendly to those he comes in contact with. Some claims that the female sometimes wears a Little Bo Peep costume. 

Additional haunting in the California region that have to do with colleges include Channel Islands University (former state mental hospital); University of California Irvine (ghostly mother in search of her daughter); and San Jose State University (World War II ghosts).