Haunted Colleges in New York 1

In New York State, plenty of colleges offer scary tales of resident ghosts or unexplainable paranormal activity. In this article, some of the things you will learn include which halls are haunted at Concordia College in Bronxville, and the sad history of Blithewood Mansion (Bard College).

Concordia College , Bronxville

What hall at Concordia College doesn’t have their own resident ghost? The ghost of a girl who was raped on the premises is believed to haunt Bohm Hall. If you’re looking for a scary ghost on campus, the Rev Dr. Henry Feth has quite a reputation for haunting Feth Hall. Before Rippe Hall was built, there was a house that once stood in its location. The ghost of a young girl that once lived there is believed to haunt the site. At Sieker Hall, pneumonia claimed the life of the pre-seminary student thought to haunt the vicinity.

St. Boneventure , Allegany

At night, no one likes to enter Francis Hall , a rather old building on campus that at one time housed a great number of monks. Employees and students have reported odd noises on the grounds, as well as the feelings that they were not entirely alone.

Bard College , Annandale-on-Hudson

The Blithewood Mansion is a site that both students and workers of the college know is a location on campus associated with strange noises and poltergeist activity. For starters, there have been sightings of a ghostly young girl thought to be between the ages of 8 and 12. Her ghost has been spotted in the house and in the gardens that surround the mansion. It is believed that the spirit was the daughter of Captain Andrew C. Zabriskie, who once owned and built the residence. The young girl either fell or jumped to her death out of a window belonging to their New York apartment. It is said that the ghost prefers the summerhouse because Manhattan was not her perfect choice of residence while she was alive. Additionally, to add to the eeriness of the situation, the girl’s father commissioned a sculptor to create four statues to represent a time span of three years of her life up to the age of 12. The statues were placed in the gardens and to this day, only three are present with an empty pedestal where the fourth one was supposed to be.

St. Lawrence University , Canton

A former facilities supervisor of the university claims that an unknown object has chased employees out of certain parts of the school. Described as an imposing, dark shadow, employees feared its presence so much that some quit their jobs and others would not work alone. To date, the University refuses any investigation to take place.