Haunted Colleges in New York 2

After a heated argument, two brothers retired to their rooms located on separates sides of Curtis Hall. To find out what happened next, read this article, which offers other haunted tales of NY colleges, like Daemen College and D’Youville College.

SUNY Brockport , Brockport

The first building belonging to the State University of New York in Brockport (Hartwell Hall) once served as the Brockport Normal School , a school for teachers. Over the years, members of the cleaning staff have reported odd happenings occurring in the building when they are alone. For example, one of the upper floors seems to present the most paranormal activity, as they roam the hallways and may possibly cause the unexplainable opening and closing of classroom doors. Faint laughter and weird voices in the hallways have been attributed to ghosts.

Daemen College , Amherst

After a heated argument, two brothers retired to their rooms located on separates sides of Curtis Hall and are believed to have hung themselves at the same time. To this day, people claim to feel the presence of the brothers, who have a reputation for playing tricks on students and visitors of Curtis Hall. Sometimes, they move chairs, while other times, students swear they tie knots in their shoelaces.

Christ the King Chapel , Buffalo

Can you imagine hearing voices in the confessionals that aren’t supposed to be there? It is believed that ghosts are behind the unexplainable voices at Christ the King Chapel. In 2004, ghost-hunting students went on a mission and walked away with a photo that showed the image of an old man in the basement.
D’Youville College , Buffalo

There’s not only one place in the Kessler Administration Building at D’Youville College noted for its paranormal activity, but three different locations: the third floor, fourth floor, and the attic. The building has a lot of sightings attached to it , primarily small children. Rumors state that there used to be an orphanage in the same building with the third and fourth floors serving as their sleeping quarters. The children were supposedly sent to the attic as punishment. Some of the odd happening reported with the building comes from security guards who attribute the opening of locked doors, sounds of walking in the hallways, and doors slamming on their own to spirits and ghosts. Other reports involve a young girl in a white light walking on the fourth floor and the feeling that something ‘creepy’ is in the air.

The College of Saint Rose , Albany

Four restless souls have been associated with the college over the years, including one ghost who was killed in a fire , a 7-year-old girl. Another ghost is believed to have killed himself while in Chicago. He was a former musician. Other ghosts thought to roam the premises include a gardener and a priest. Every year, a presentation is given regarding the paranormal history of the college ,an event involving the Dean of Students. A handful of students have also reported many strange occurrences to take place at the college.