Haunted Colleges in New York 3

From Marymount College of Fordham University in Tarrytown to Wells College in Aurora, you will encounter more haunted tales of New York State colleges that present ghostly founders and the spirits of nurses who believe they are still on duty.

Marymount College of Fordham University , Tarrytown

Roaming the halls of the dorms and protecting the girls on campus, it is said that the ghosts of founders Father Gailhac and Mother Butler roam still reside at the college. Students like to pass on the word to beware of Sacky parking lot, which is believed to harbor evil spirits. The Sacky House once stood on the grounds before it was torn down to make way for the construction of the college in 1907. If you’re interested in exploring the most haunted dorms on campus, seek out Gailhac Hall and Gerard Hall, where there have been reports of strange happenings , from beds that shake to the sneaking suspicion that someone is always watching. Because of the paranormal activity on campus, playing with Ouija boards ois unheard of at the school.

Cazenovia College , Cazenovia

Residents who have lived on the third floor of Hubbard Hall believe that spirits are the cause of their alarm clocks going off on their own, weird door closings, or for cell phones that unexpectedly fly off of desks.

Hamilton College , Clinton

If you live on the third floor of North Residence Hall, then you probably already heard the ghostly tales of the messenger supposedly from the Revolution who chooses to walk down the hall. On different occasions, reports surround the ghost, who has been known to stop and point at those he believes are ‘trespassers’ before moving on and ultimately vanishing through a wall.  

University of Rochester , Rochester

Walking through the stacks at the library of the University of Rochester, you’ll find that they’re pretty old. The atmosphere provides the perfect setting for haunted tales surrounding the death of a construction worker who fell to his death while working on the library in 1929. Over the years, many different reports have appeared in the Campus Time newspaper regarding the sighting of the ghost.

Union College , Schenectady

Behind the college, you will find a lovely garden that supposedly serves as the haunting grounds of the ‘spirit of Alice,’ who is believed to walk along the creek when the first full moon after the summer solstice takes to the sky. Many centuries ago, it is said that Alice was burned to the stake on the premises.

Wells College , Aurora

While the college is home to a host of ghost tales, pay a visit to the Main Building of Wells to experience the energy surrounding one of the most widespread of paranormal stories on campus. In the days when an unforgiving wave of influenza hit the campus, many students became sick. The college decided to transform the fourth floor of the main building into an infirmary. Some students have reported to wake up in the middle of the night and discover a ghostly nurse is standing over their beds while they sleep. Some claims state that the ghost has a habit of placing a cold hand on the forehead of students that she visits.