Haunted Colleges in New York 5

From the strange occurrences known to take place at SUNY Geneseo to the sad past of New York University’s location, restless spirits and unexplainable happenings have taken place at colleges all over the state of New York. A few colleges mentioned in the article include Keuka College and West Point.
State University of New York , Geneseo

Enter Blake and Steuben Halls, and you may encounter odd happenings, which have been reported to take place on campus. Sometimes, unexplained noises are heard, while others claim to have seen white apparitions. Rumor has it that a 6-year-old boy fell to his death during the construction of Monroe Hall and according to students, has been known to make an appearance on several different occasions. Reported to wander the halls, some students affectionately call him by the name of ‘Eric.’
Keuka College , Keuka Park

Ball Hall is named after George H. Ball, who is believed to haunt the building and is thought responsible for unexplainable door slamming and the odd movement of objects. At night, people experience an ‘eerie’ feeling when by or in the building.

New York University , Manhattan

Located on the corner of East 10th and Broadway, the Brittany Residence Hall has a reputation of being plagued by phantom music and lights, as well as the sounds of unexplainable footsteps. Some of the eeriness of the building has been attributed to the odd, labyrinth-like basement of the hall, and the constant feeling that someone is watching over the students.

Another place on the New York University campus that has an unsettled past involves the Brown Building, which was also the site of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire that hit New York City headlines. Named one of the largest industrial disasters associated with the city, 146 garment workers died either from the fire itself or from trying to safe themselves by jumping to their deaths. It is believed that the spirits of the fire victims still haunt the building in the middle of the night , nearly 100 years after the incident took place.

City College , New York City

Ever since the 1920s, City College has been at the center of many different paranormal reports, including the sighting of apparitions that appear in clothing dating back to the 1960s and 70s. One ghost has been described as wearing ‘grunge’ clothing and always seems to have a frown or sad look on his face. Students and former professors have shared their experiences regarding the college’s unexplainable occurrences and possible resident ghosts. Another tale speaks of a ghost who lost their life in World War I and may haunt one of the former political club lounges found in Shepherd Hall.

West Point , on the Hudson River

Located about 50 miles from New York City, the infamous United States Military Academy (West Point) has had several reports of centered on ghost sightings, such as the restless spirits supposedly residing in the Superintendent’s House, as well as in the area around the 47th Division/4th Regiment barracks.