Haunted Colleges in the United States

From ghosts left behind by suicides to the spirits of lives lost in a deadly fire, some colleges in the United States have a lot of haunted tales to tell. In this article, you will encounter higher learning institutions with ghosts in states, such as Arizona, Michigan, and Texas.

Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)

Room 605 (located on the sixth floor of Palo Verde East) is told in tales of a ghost belonging to a girl who committed suicide. Wandering along the sixth floor, witnesses say that the ghost of the girl wears a white dress while she hums to herself.

Olivet College (Olivet, Michigan)

With a history that dates back to 1844, Olivet College is a small liberal arts institution that has had its fair share of claims concerning unexplainable sightings, such as objects that pass through walls. There is an image that supposedly captured a face coming out of a picture that is found at one of the local society houses.

Aquinas College (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Situated on the campus of Aquinas College, there is a mansion that once served as the Lowe estate. There is a rumor that the spirit of one of the Lowe children haunts their former home. It is said that one of the sons drowned while on the property. Some of the odd happenings associated with the mansion include water faucets that turn on by themselves, as well as lights that turn on after night security has turned them off , even when the building has been locked.

Mount Saint Mary’s College (Emittsburg, Maryland)

Walking about the campus, the ghost of Father John Dubois has been sighted, as well as several other ghosts who have been seen in the DuBois and Brute dorms. This particular school was founded in 1808 and possesses a long history of ghost hauntings, as it is the oldest independent Catholic college in the country.

University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, Texas)

Before Greek Row was built, an orphanage once stood at the same location. A fire broke out on the grounds and many of the children died that day. It is said that one girl who died in the fire (Mary) still haunts the Sigma Chi Fraternity House. Housemates say she likes to play tricks on the females that visit the house.

Kilgore College (Kilgore, Texas)

On the 8th floor of Stark Hall, a suicide took place. A girl took her life in what was known as the girls’ dorm at the time. For several years, the college closed that floor because students complained that odd noises, cold spots, and the feeling of being watched occurred on the floor. They even reported off footprints appearing on their bed. After the dorm underwent remodeling, the floor was reopened, but resident still note that something just isn’t right, including knocking and scratching sounds that come from the wall.