Haunted Dacre Castle: Love, Decent & Revenge

Awaiting your curious eyes in Cumberland is a haunted castle that dates back to the 14th century, offering a tale you won’t want to miss out on. Love, decent and a secret love affair are just some of the elements that thicken this plot. In this article, we will learn of the goings on of Dacre Castle, which can be found throughout England.


The Dacre Castle is a 14th century gem, which places visitors in Cumberland. History states that the castle once served as the meeting place of three well-known kings from the ancient past. After their meeting, a gruesome war erupted, which may explain why their lost souls are thought to still haunt the premises. But this is not the real story to pay attention to; at least this one is quite a bit more interesting. The present haunting of the castle can be traced back to the 15th century. This tale involves the young heir to this property. His name was Sir Guy Dacre.


His downfall was ultimately triggered by a fatal case of cowardness. As most young lads do, he fell head over heels for a young French lass. He desperately wanted her for his own, but could not quite muster up the coward or the words to win her heart. He asked one of his close companion to do the dirty work for him and he gladly accepted. Sir Guy’s plans did not work as he has hoped and his love interest and his friend fell in love with one another.  They began to lead a double life, hiding their affair from all that knew them. Sadly, Guy eventually married the French girl, but she continued to show her affection for his friend. This of course was all done in private.


When they passion between them could not be resisted any longer, the two of them eloped. This didn’t sit too well with Guy, who went off in search of his wife and he was successful in capturing her back. When he returned to the castle, he threw her in a dungeon and there she stayed, locked up. As she investigated her new surroundings, she saw that her lover was also imprisoned with her. She lamented that he was chained to the wall and upon seeing his body, she went to kiss him. She had no idea that he had already died. To make matters worse, once she touched his body and attempted to greet him with kisses, his head rolled onto the floor. The screams were unbearable to listen to as she poured buckets of tears unto the floor.


Sir Guy had no mercy for the situation and kept her in the prison with her decapitated love. It didn’t take long for her to completely lose her mind and when she did, she too joined the rotting corpse of her lover. It is said that it is the ghost of Sir Guy’s best friend and former wife that haunt the castle to this very day.


As for Sir Dacre, not much is mentioned about him in the history books, but he nonetheless left a sinister legacy behind and a cruel history attached to the castle.