Haunted Disney World & More

In Orlando, Florida, there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy when you have planned a trip to Walt Disney World. You probably have focused on the exciting and fun time you will have at SeaWorld and other Disney entertainment outlets, but there are lesser-known tales surrounding sites, such as EPCOT Center and the Pirates of Caribbean.


Several ghosts can be found at Walt Disney World. At the Spaceship Earth, located at EPCOT Center, you may encounter a small girl with long flowing hair of blonde. She has been spotted riding in a car. Another ghost on the premises is of a young boy, who can be found lingering about the girl. At the Tower of Terror, employees murmur about a ghost that is said to walk about the premises when visitors are not present. When he is spotted, he is usually walking in the wrong direction and does not respond when his name is called. Soon after, he disappears.


Disney’s World is also home to the Pirates of the Caribbean, where the ghost of a worker named George can be encountered. He lost his life when a beam fell on top of him during construction of the area. He has been known to haunt the area. The ghost’s presence has been acknowledged so well that the employees say good morning to him at the start of the day, as well as say good night to him at the end of the workday. If he is not respected, the attraction has been known to shut off on its own. Conflicting stories state that a beam never fell on him, but instead, he lost his balance while working on a part of the attraction and lost his balance. He died as a result of the fall.


At the Cricket Club Apartments, reports of weird smells have been made, which come from one of the apartment units. Tenants have encountered odd forms that tend to walk about during the night. The sounds of unexplainable voices have also been heard in the area. Throughout Orlando, there are plenty of haunted locations awaiting to be rediscovered, including:


Leu Botanical Gardens: Haunted by former residents.


Little Econ River: The spirit of a ghost called Christopher Klink, haunts the bridge when October 13th strikes.

Miller Sellen: This historic house dates back to the 1900s and has presented a variety of odd events and strange noises. 

Boston Hill Cemetery:  The vision of a man who is hanging from a tree has been sighted. Numerous male and female ghosts are said to roam about the premises.

The Celery Fields of Chapman Road: Location where a variety of children ghosts have been encountered. 

Peabody Hotel: Cold spots and apparitions.


Super 8 Motel: Room 206 is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a man who will cause the bed to unexpectedly shake. 

Tabu Night Club: Cold spots and haunted by an elderly female ghost.