Haunted Elementary and Middle Schools Throughout Houston

Have you ever had a scary schoolteacher when you were younger that threatened to lock you in the closet or hit you with a paddle? Have you ever had a horrific experience with a classmate that you still might have a nightmare about? These memories will have nothing on the haunted schools that can be found throughout the city of Houston. 


Elementary School


While others were learning their ABC’s, the students of Mendel Elementary School wander about the hallways with the thoughts of the unknown trailing behind them. This school is believed to be established upon an old cemetery. Some students have claimed to hear footsteps and unexplainable whispers throughout the halls, while the faucets in the restrooms have been reported to turn on and off by themselves.


The legend at the Valley Oaks Elementary School deals with the ghost of a girl who is said to appear after repeating “La Llorona” for 40 times. She is believed to haunt the girls bathroom, where her image can be seen praying to the Devil until her eyes roll back and turn white. The girls’ bathroom is also known for unexplainable flushing toilets. The ghost is said to be that of a girl who was decapitated while riding on a merry-go-round, which has since been removed.

At the Fiesta Elementary School, it is said that an elderly teacher, who was accused of hurting the kiddies, killed herself in one of the school bathrooms. Those who have stayed late at the school, claim to have seen the bathroom door open and close on its own, as well as heard the sounds of footsteps behind them. When they turn around to see who is following them, the footsteps cease and no one is to be found. There have also been bulletin boards that have appeared in disarray with no known culprit.


The Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a former custodian that was employed during the 1980s. He did not pass away by mischievous or gruesome means, but died in his sleep. He loved his job very much and is said to have returned to the school where his presence has been felt and heard by other staff members. It is said that he will open and close the doors of closets, as well as whisper the name of others. 


Middle School


The Hogg Middle School has been the scene of quite an unfunny practical joke that has haunted this location ever since. As a joke, the body of a well-known Heights area gangster was dug up during the mid-30s or 40s. It is where his body ended up is what caused such a stir. The next morning, his body was found hanging from the flagpole. During the night, various librarians and janitors have claimed to seen the shadow of the gangster, as well as reported to hear unexplainable footsteps that are thought to be his.


It is believed that the ghost of two young girls who drowned in the school pool haunts the Jackson Middle School. Another haunted middle school is that of Edison Middle School that is said to be possessed by the unknown screams of girls that can be heard within the female locker room.