Haunted England: Essex and Hampshire

Throughout England, there are plenty of locations that offer haunted adventures. Essex is a county that can be found eastern part of England, while Hampshire is a county that is situated on the southern coast. What makes Hampshire popular is the fact that it offers numerous seaside resorts. That’s not all this area presents”¦


In Hampshire, there is a church located within the Beaulie Abbey, which is believed to be haunted by a priest, accompanied by two monks. If you wander about the kitchen, you may find a woman in this area with two dogs by her side. In Liphook, Hampshire, there is the Bohunt School, where on every Thursday, a ghost appears within the room C-10. This occurs around 3:40pm where a scream can also be heard. The story behind the haunting is that a teacher supposedly killed one of his students and buried her underneath the floorboards.


The Hamble School is located in Southampton, Hampshire, where the ghost of a teacher has been sighted. He once taught at the Hamble Community Sports College, which has a history dating back more than 200 years ago. It is said that he passed away close to the Humanities Block, where he can be spotted roaming about. He can also be seen wandering about close to the boy’s toilet area.

The Portchester Castle can be found in Hampshire, where “the White Lady” can be sighted. Her identity is thought to be that of Charlotte White, who has been spotted wandering about the surrounding battlements. Close to the outer gates of the castle, a Roman Centurion has been seen guarding the area. With the castle grounds, the St. Mary’s graveyard can be located. Here, strange happenings have been reported, including animal sacrifices.

In Essex, visitors will be able to find the Borley Rectory, which offers a variety of mysteries. It is the Blue Room that can be found at this location, where an array of murders are said to have taken place. One of the tales associated with this site is that concerning a young girl. Legend has it that a girl ran through the rectory, screaming and hollowing. She stopped at a window and was pushed from behind. As she fell, she broke through the glass of a veranda. Her death was instantaneous.


Another odd occurrence at the rectory involves a séance that was performed within the rectory, which angered the spirits. It is said that the spirits stated that they were going to burn the rectory. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that the rectory caught on fire. While firefighters rushed to put out the flames, a young girl was seen in the window. They rushed into the building to save her, but she was nowhere to be found although the screams of a young child could be heard. Even after the fire, a body was never recovered.


The village of Canewdon can be found in Essex, which is said to be haunted by an array of witches. The Church of St. Nicholas is also at this location, which dates back to the 12th century. The church is positioned on top of a hill that overlooks the village. When the moon cannot be seen during the night, residents have spotted a “gray lady” wandering about the graveyard. At the graveyard’s entrance, another apparition can be seen.


The Upminster Golf Club in Essex is the site where a 12-year-old female ghost has been spotted on the hallway of the first floor. She is always dressed in white and has been sighted by a variety of golfing guests and employees. Many believe that the ghost is that of a girl that was kidnapped and taken to the house, where she may have been murdered.