Haunted England: Liverpool

Continuing the articles regarding haunted legends and locations throughout England, this article explores some of the eerie tales throughout Liverpool, which is a city found in the northwest section of England. In this article, you will learn of various haunted halls, as well as an extremely creepy nursery school.


When looking at Liverpool, you will find that there are a considerable amount of haunted halls throughout the area. For example, the Philharmonic Hall is said to be haunted by the hum of a ghost, who can be heard coming from one of the lower rooms. Unexplainable footsteps have also been reported coming from empty rooms. At Speke Hall, witnesses have reported to hear the sound of crying throughout the area. This occurs at night and is said to come from the ghosts of children.


At Walton Hall, located in Walton, there is a strange occurrence that is said to occur during the month of June. A locked and bolted door on the premises is said to mysteriously open, then abruptly shuts after 30 seconds. Legend has it that the ghost of an elderly woman who passed away during her bath causes this phenomenon. It is believed that the door opens because she is trying to return to her room.


Upon reaching Croxteth Hall, you will encounter a variety of ghosts and strange events. A ghost hunter named Phillip Flynn built the Hall during 1575. Reports have been made regarding the sound of children who seem to be playing, laughing and running about, when none are in sight. Dark figures have been said to sit in chairs that do not exist. The ghost of a maid has appeared in the kitchen, where it looks as if she is completing her daily tasks. The attic has been the location where numerous servant ghosts have been spotted in the area. Unexplainable noises and footsteps can be heard throughout the premises.

At the Fountains Abbey Public House, you may come in contact with a female ghost who can be seen dressed in a black cape and hood. She is often spotted in the back yard of the shop. The Lydiate Abbey is often known for its paranormal activity. The crying and screaming sounds of babies can be heard coming from this site. It is said that it is haunted because it was used for sacrificial purposes; sadly, the sacrifice of choice were babies.


At the Les Enfants Day Nursery, you may not want to take your kids to this former morgue. Employees have claimed to hear the shuffling sound of footsteps that occur in the same area where post mortem individuals were dealt with. Toys have been known to start working without anyone turning them on, where one morning a toy was walking about.

As for the kiddies, they have been spotted talking to an invisible entity that they refer to as “Mr.” The children say that he can disappear by walking through doors. One time, during a quiet time session, all of the children started laughing and sitting up at the same time, claiming to see the ghost on the ceiling. Pointing towards the sky, they called out, “ Mr. Mr, I can see you.” Some staff members claim to have seen the dark image of a man holding the hand of a child. He was standing by the doorway that the children claim to see “Mr.” enter and reenter.


At night, some employees make sure to double check the door and windows to make sure they are locked. In the morning, it is common to find various doors and windows have been opened. Cold spots can be encountered throughout the building.