Haunted England: London

The capital of England, as well as the United Kingdom is the great destination of London, which also holds the highest population of residents throughout the European Union. Here, you will find an array of haunted locations to explore, including the Old Club UK, as well as the Queens House in Greenwich.


The Old Club UK has been the site where a white misty image has been spotted. The image appears as a man wearing a cloak and was accidentally captured on film by a few partygoers. It is said that he is the ghost of a former worker, who was employed at the location, which used to operate as a sweatshop. During the 1900s, many of these workers lost their lives due to exhaustion.


East Acton is where you will find an old building that was once a church. Today, it is a school that is said to be haunted by monks. These monks have been seen in the I.T. room and a teacher reported their presence. In the hall, there is supposed to be the ghost of an elderly woman, who was said to have died when the Titanic sank. She has been sighted dancing on the stage.


The Queens House in Greenwich can be located in the southeast part of London. Here, a national maritime museum now stands, but this building was once part of the Old Royal Palace. There are many people who claim to have encountered an array of ghosts at this site. Some of the encounters have involved the sighting of a young child ghost, as well as a Lady in Gray, who can be seen wandering about the balconies. Unexplained sounds and footsteps have also been heard in the main parts of the museum.

When visiting the Hampton Court Palace, you may learn that Catherine Howard, who was one of Henry VIII’s wives, was held here during 1541. She fled from this location and sought out the King in order to beg for her life. In the chapel, she found the King, but he avoided her presence as he pretending to be deep in prayer. Guards dragged the historical woman away and she was put to death. Some have reported hearing her screams throughout the palace.
Flying in and out of Heathrow Airport and you may encounter the ghost of Dick Turpin, who is said to haunt this site since he was hung during the 1700’s. His ghost tends to appear close to the runways, where he can be seen riding a brown horse, dressed in the clothing of the British-Colonial period.


The Royal University of Hathaway is where you will find a young man’s spirit, who can be located on the fourth floor dormitory. In a private room, this sad soul stirs before he haunts the dormitory grounds. Once a student stayed in this room for a week and was awaken in the middle of the night by the ghost. It was also reported that he would splash about water that runs from the sink. He has also been spotted as he sits on the bed, which sometimes left imprints behind on the sheets. He has also been heard letting out a sigh, while others have reported to see his image jump out of a window.


Other haunted spots to consider include the Plumstead Manor School, St. James Park, St. Pancras Chambers, Terror Tower, Theater Royal, White Chapel, as well as the infamous Tower of London.