Haunted England: Newcastle and Norfolk

England is filled with many cities and within these locations there are plenty of haunted sites to be found. In this article, you will encounter scary areas, such as the Tynemouth Priory in Newcastle, the Maddemarket Theater in Norwich, as well as a haunted mill in Howden.


In Newcastle, there is a mill that can be found in Howden. There, a ghost of a woman that was murdered at this location is said to haunt the area. A woman, who was an employee of the mill, was killed by one of her co-workers. It is said that he pushed her head into the mill, where her hair got caught, causing her head to be pulled away from her body. Close to the Archers Bridge, it is said that she wanders about holding her head, in search of the man who took her life.


The Tynemouth Priory in Newcastle is a castle that dates back to the 1500s. Numerous ghost reports have been documented regarding these premises, including a tale involving the ghosts of a few monks. In a graveyard at this priory, there is said to be what is referred to as a “monk stone,” which is believed to be a site where monks can be seen preying at. The monks have been described as wearing long, brown gowns, held together with golden or yellow belts made of rope. They also wear hoods that display golden or yellow markings.


Another tale associated with the graveyard is of the legend of the “Three Kings Grave.” It is said that if an individual visits the grave at midnight, they will encounter an interesting sight. If a coin is placed on this particular grave, it is believed that a hand will appear and grasp the coin, making it move about the grave.

When visiting Clifton Close, which can be found in Norwich, Norfolk, you will find strange events occurring at one of the flats. When residents are home alone, they have reported feeling as if someone else was in the room with them. Young children have claimed to feel hands or arms wrapping around them as they slept. When they awakened, no one was in sight. A photo was taken of the outside of the house where an unknown elderly man and woman could be seen looking out of the window.


At the Maddemarket Theater in Norfolk, some onlookers claimed to have spotted the ghost of a monk, who supposedly walked across the stage, touching all of the crosses. This occurred during a presentation of a Christian play that was set during medieval times. Numerous people in the audience believed that it was all part of the special effects, where others were not convinced.

In Nottinhamshire, there was an abbey by the name of Newstead, which dates back to the 12th century. The long history of this location includes a priory that was used by Augustine monks. The monks resided at the abbey for about 400 years until King Henry forced them out. He sold the priory to a family, who slowly destroyed the building. It is said that the ghosts of the monks made life quite unbearable for whoever lived in the house. It is also said that whenever a family member loses a life, a monk will appear to laugh upon their death.